Run, sausage, run – this is an interesting and very funny game on Android.

The hero of this game is a little sausage that does not want to be eaten and decided to run away as far as possible from this evil and cruel world. You need to help her with this.Download run sausage on your smartphoneThe meaning of this game is that you need to run as far as possible and it is desirable that your sausage survived. On its way there will be various obstacles, in the form of sharp knives, a chop hammer, a burning flame, the feet of people, birds who want to eat it and various other obstacles encountered on the way to freedom.

The character of this fun toy is constantly moving forward with small steps. Approaching different traps, you need to run as fast as possible at the moment when you think it is necessary. Hurry or slow down, and your sausage will be cut in half, trampled, fried or chopped into small pieces.  Attention!!! As the game progresses, the sausage increases in size, which complicates the passage of the level.Ru, sausage, rus on a tabletWith the collected coins that get in your way, you can later buy another sausage hero. This is a zombie sausage, a cowboy sausage, a ninja sausage, a mermaid, a robot sausage and other equally funny types of fugitives.

The game has several types of locations that change in the course of their passage:

Kitchen. From where the escape itself begins.
The yard of the house. Where you will be waiting for different hungry animals, in the form of cats, birds and dogs.
The beach. Beware of crabs, small children and feet that want to trample you.

And finally, the long-awaited freedom for which she had run away.  But you still need to try to get to it. Interesting. Will she be able to do it?..

The game is quite simple, but very difficult. Play it with your friends and have a lot of fun with laughter and fun.

You can download Run sausage run for Android both on our website and through the Play Market app.

Run, sausage, run!

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Required Android version 4.4+
Latest Update 9.11.2020
Size (Google Play) 70.98 Mb
Age limit 7+

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