My Talking Tom 2

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My talking Tom 2 is an exciting casual toy for Android, which has gathered millions of fans around the world in a short time.

Do you want to get yourself a little cat? The game simulator of a pet My talking Volume 2 will help you with this. This funny little minx will not let you get bored and will help you spend the most exciting time.Download talking volume 2 to your phoneUnlike the first part, where Tom was brought by a stork, in this version of the game, you throw it on the threshold of the house in a box. Opening the box and looking into the eyes of a cute fluffy, you realize that here it is, my little ball of happiness.

You bear the burden of being an attentive and responsible parent. Like any child, Tom will not sit still, he needs to constantly play, bully, mess up, relax a little, and of course eat delicious food.  

Tom will live in a personal virtual house with many rooms. To make him as comfortable as possible, your task is to create comfortable conditions for a happy life. We equip the rooms with furniture, keep them clean, buy a variety of delicious food, add new things to the wardrobe.

We take our mustachioed-striped for walks, and then forget to bathe him. After all, he's still a dirty guy. We cut his nails, comb and dress him, feed him and feed him. Sometimes Tom can get sick or hurt, and you, as a caring owner, should treat him by giving him potions, pills or rubbing abrasions. This virtual ball will not let you sit idle.Install my Tom 2 on your tabletAs you progress through the game, your pet will grow and make new friends. More precisely, a friend. The developers made an interesting decision, and as one of the Pets your cat will have a mouse, with which Tom will go on various interesting trips on his own plane.

The cat leads an active life, playing sports: jumping on a trampoline, Boxing a punching bag, playing basketball, and for a change, sits down with you to play mini games.  There are just a huge number of them and they are all different genres: these are racing, shooting games, arcade games, puzzles and other types.

Playing mini games with a cat, you will earn internal currency. With the coins you earn, you can buy food and clothes for Tom. Also in the game there are many different gifts and bonuses.

A kind, interesting and exciting toy, which is loved by a huge number of both children and adults.

You can download My talking Volume 2 for Android both on our website and through the Play Market app.
Additional Information
Required Android version 4.4+
Latest Update 16.10.2020
Size (Google Play) 109 Mb
Age limit 3+

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