Doodle army 2: Mini Militia

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Doodle army 2: Mini Militia – this Android game in the genre of action, which will help you have fun while away the time, both with friends and alone. The toy is quite popular and has millions of fans around the world.

It has three main modes.

  1. Fast mode. In it, you connect to the network and play with real players from different parts of the world.
  2. Multiplayer. In this mode, you can create your own game, and other participants can connect to it for further battles on Wi-Fi. Or connect to an already available network.
  3. Single player game. Solo player, is divided into two more categories. This is training and survival. In survival mode, you play alone against bots, and training teaches you game skills. During the battle, you will have an assistant who will help you shoot back from enemies.
Download Mini Militia to your smartphoneFor a quick game, you need to wait for all six players to gather. Then click on the Ready button. When the whole team gathers, and it gathers quickly enough, the battle begins. You find yourself in a world of rocks, caves and jungles, where you have to stay alive. Jump on the rocks, shooting back from other participants.

The duel begins on equal terms and lasts six and a half minutes. Each character has only a pistol or revolver in his Arsenal. In caves or between rocks, you will come across new types of weapons, such as a machine gun, flamethrower, Bazooka, Uzi and other types of automatic weapons.  When you find a new weapon, your chances of staying alive increase. You change the old fart for something new, more powerful and attack.Mini Militia apk on AndroidEach player has their own battle tactics. Someone jumps and looks for someone to shoot, and someone can hide in the bushes and wait for their prey. So be as careful as possible.

The graphics are good, the controls are extremely simple and convenient. The toy itself is light and entertaining, which you can play for hours on the fly.

You can download Doodle army 2: Mini Militia for Android both on our website and through the Play Market app.
Additional Information
Required Android version 4.4+
Latest Update 27.11.2020
Size (Google Play) 43 Mb
Age limit 12+

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