Angry Birds 2

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Angry Birds 2 is a continuation of the world-famous Android game, which was installed on almost every phone.

The development team of Rovio Entertainment Corporation for six years was only engaged in sending the characters of Evil birds, then to distant space, then to a colorful carnival in hot Rio de Janeiro, then made the heroes of Star wars, then just came up with different jokes with birds. And now the release of the second part of Angry Birds is released and is gaining tremendous success in the world of mobile games.Download Angri Birds 2 to your phoneInitially, it seems that the game has not changed much, but with the passage of several exciting missions, your view of the game will change. The second part of Angry birds has become more colorful and elaborate. A cool animation was added. In them, the piglets now writhe their green faces, shake with fear, squeal, and also rejoice if you run the bird past. All these emotions, you will see in a separate window at the top of the screen.

Also, the pigs began to fly spectacularly after the explosions in different directions. Some even cool fly in your face, giving the impression that is about to pour out of your screen. Another toy received a number of changes not only in the visual format, but also in the sound. Melodies have been added to raise the fun atmosphere during the game. We get special pleasure from the musical accompaniment when we go through a fight with boss pigs. Yes, there are leaders in the game. The leaders or bosses are huge pigs that are not so easy to defeat. In battle with them, we will have to enter every five levels.An exciting game of Angri berds on AndroidDuring the passage, in addition to chasing bosses, you need to collect gems that allow you to automatically pass any level. You will meet new species of birds, as well as collect spells that act as a kind of super weapon.

The gameplay remains the same, but has received several significant changes:

  1. The game has become more colorful. The order of firing by different types of birds can be selected manually. Now the red birds have the function of blowing towards the pig structure, causing it additional damage. 
  2. The flight path of birds can be calculated using a dotted sight, which makes the game easier. 
  3. Special flowers were added to the toy. If a bird, a pig or a piece of building gets into the flower, it will try to eat it, but then spit it out, emitting the effect of a shot from a cannon. Sometimes you will come across levels in which it is enough to make as many structures from the collapsing building as possible fall into the mouth of the nearest flower, with which it will spit all the positions of the enemy, thereby doing all the work for you.
  4. Each level consists of two stages. So you need to apply a little tactics and strategy, and think about which birds you will use first. During the game, with an accurate hit, you will be awarded with additional birds, giving the opportunity for another shot.

All this is of course fine, but there is one THING ... the Game requires a constant Internet connection. And so the game turned out to be fun and exciting.

You can download Angry Birds 2 for Android both on our website and through the Play Market app.
Additional Information
Required Android version 5.0+
Latest Update 18.11.2020
Size (Google Play) 67.42 Mb
Age limit 3+

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