Neighbors From Hell is a legendary puzzle game for Android, which has not lost its popularity for a long time and is in demand to this day.

Just recently, without any loud noise, absolutely quietly and not noticeably released an update of the game “How to get a neighbor?Surprisingly, of course, but for some reason the developers did not advertise much about the fact that a remaster is being prepared, but only quietly updated the game. At the same time, the owners of the classic parts of the toy, just added absolutely free of charge this most updated version.Download cache how to get a neighbor on your smartphoneThe creators of the game, combined levels from both parts of the adventures of woody and neighbor. The levels themselves from previous seasons were not touched, only some points were redrawn, but these changes are so small that it will be difficult to notice them.

All the tools for our podlyanok, remained in the same places, so in this regard, too, complete order. But still the remaster has some differences: 

First, as for the gameplay, sometimes in order to get out of the trash or somewhere else some object, we will first have to dig in this space. But you get used to it quickly and especially, it does not cause problems.

Secondly, when we raise an alarm in any way, the neighbor will not calm down just by checking the room in which we gave ourselves away. He will run around all the nearby rooms and only then return to his usual cycle.Neighbours From Hell androidThirdly. Changes have been made for the appearance camera, now we can move the image away and observe a large number of rooms at once. When all the traps are set, we are free to bring this camera as close as possible to our victim in order to observe her suffering.

There are, of course, disadvantages. For example, in the level selection menu, instead of the Groovy melody that was before, now just silence. Also, the developers for some reason removed three levels from the first part: this is a great wash, little piggy and the hunting season. As for me, the level of hunting season was one of my favorites.

Well, in General, the toy remained the same fun, exciting and interesting. Over the latest version of the game for Android, the creators are working and promise to release it through the update. We are all looking forward to this moment.

Download “How to get a neighbor” on Android can be both on our website and through the Play Market app.

Neighbours From Hell

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Required Android version 2.3.3+
Latest Update 02.052019
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