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HD VideoBox is a huge catalog of free movies on your device. Since most of the TVs are also on the Android platform, this application can be installed on it. So I did.

The application takes data from two popular platforms, in the program settings you can choose them yourself. They are not very different from each other. The only difference I found is that HDrezka has a rating of votes, which helps users in deciding whether to watch this movie or not.

Install Video box on your phoneInterface and navigation, extremely simple and convenient, like most similar applications. And it will not be difficult to understand it.

The HD VideoBox app has 8 sections: 

  1. They're watching it now. In this section, you can see what many users are interested in today and maybe something will arouse your interest. The list includes not only novelties, but also films from the beginning of 2000. Apparently someone was drawn to nostalgia, and he decided to review the films of former years.
  2. Popular. Here you can find movies that have been viewed more times over a certain period of time. There were cases when the list was not updated for more than a week, which causes some inconvenience.
  3. New items. Here every day there are not only new films, but also series that have a new series. In General, the movie in which new changes were made.
  4. Films. Here are films of various genres, from melodramas to documentaries. And the list is constantly growing and updating.
  5. TV series. This section shows all the series that are in the catalog. The list is really huge. And when choosing an interesting series, you can spend more than one hour.
  6. Cartoons. Here are not only cartoons of foreign manufacturers, but also Russian ones. There are also cartoons from the time of the Soviet Union.
  7. Animated series. This anime and transformers, and many other works, in which there are more than 2 series.
  8. TV shows. A large database of various entertainment TV shows that are available on the Internet.

All movies can be added to bookmarks and watched after a certain time. There is also a History section, what kind of animal it is, I think you should not explain. 

In order to select the video quality, you need to go to the settings and specify the quality that you want. My Internet does not always allow you to watch in HD quality, so I put 720 and the problem with the hang was solved. All movies can be viewed in a quality format from 360 to HD, which is also pleasing. And each movie or cartoon has a short description.Download video Boxing HD to your smartphoneSince the application is pirated and the government is fighting against programs that violate copyright, it is often blocked and a message appears that the application is not available in your region. But we install a VPN and the problem is solved. By the way, many similar applications face this problem.

And since the application HD Video box violates copyright, then of course it is not in the Play Market.

The app is very useful. And it will help you have a good time.

You can download HD VideoBox for Android on our website.

HD VideoBox

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