Download Showbox apk for android 2021.

Showbox is a media app for Android that allows you to watch plenty of your favorite movies, TV-series, cartoons, and TV-shows for free.

Showbox apk - what is it and how does it work?...

Read the whole article if you are looking for more information about this app. A Russian development team created the app in 2014.

At first, the app was available on Google Play. However, the growing popularity of the app grabbed the attention of movie copyright holders. They informed Google of the app. Then, Google removed Showbox from Google Play, and users had to download it from external websites.
Where to download the working Showbox appToday, although developers sometimes update the app, it has no official website. You might also have noticed that it becomes increasingly difficult to find where to download Showbox apk for Android. The reason is a copyright violation, while they have banned many websites where you could find a setup file, and have removed the APK file at the request of the copyright holders.

However, today the craze has died down, and finding and downloading Showbox becomes possible.

I analyzed a thousand and one sites and read lots of users' comments. I concluded that installation problems are one of the core issues.  Trying to find the APK file for Showbox, I got to the sites that assured me that I could download the app ‘here’, but all links redirected me to other sites. And so on indefinitely.

Older versions of Showbox.

After all, I managed to find the last and several previous app versions and install the app on my phone. I installed and started the app and ran into an app bug as everyone else did. I tried to find out the reason of the bug… I spent several hours on research and found out that the Showbox services don’t function anymore. Furthermore, the services are redirected to another app.

A Showbox developer appears to have been sued, and the app was closed. However, we don’t have to be discouraged, as the developer created a new app as lots of other developers do. Now the app is named MovieBox HD. That’s the lot! Instead of trying to figure out the reasons, we keep looking.

Showbox doesn't workHow to cheat when installing Showbox.

The scammers exploited this hype and created other Showbox versions that are no different from the original version. However, when you launch these fake apps, you have to either buy something or send an SMS to make the app work. Make no mistake. That’s a fraud! Trying to figure this whole mess out cost me about 90. $

Mind you, the original app took about 40 MB, and its fake versions take only 13 MB. Well, even it would have raised suspicions if you had paid attention.

Oh well. I’ve warned you and shared my research. So, let’s proceed. I won’t use the new app name so that acquiring information will be easier for you.

How to install MovieBox HD (Showbox) on Android.

  1. Download the Showbox setup APK file to your device.
  2. Open your device settings and allow the installation of unknown apps. Settings — Security — Install unknown apps — Allow.
  3. Then open the Downloads folder and find the app that you have already downloaded.
  4. Tap 'install', and the app will be installed within several minutes.
  5. Open and use the app.

Earlier users had to hunt for new app versions. Now Showbox is updated on users' phones automatically. Now let’s get into the app abilities.
 Install Showbox apk on your phone

Showbox application features.

  1. This free app gives you access to watching dozens of thousands of movies, TV-series, and TV-shows.
  2. There are no in-app ads, although they might appear. If the developers add in-app ads, you can install an additional app that blocks these ads. Well, ads are everywhere now, especially in games. That is why we should have already got used to ads and not stress out.
  3. The latest app version has a feature that allows you to listen to plenty of music genres. And it’s at zero cost. 
  4. The app is user-friendly. You can use filters to organize movies by their genre and category.
  5. You can download music or movies to your device and use them without access to the Internet.
  6. You don’t need to either pay for CATV or buy movies and music.
  7. The data comes to the app from torrents and is downloaded to your device. Thus, your videos won’t freeze.
  8. You can also change the movie quality. A wide range of sources for downloading and options of movie quality will be available to you.

Install Showbox on TV.

Nowadays, almost every TV works on Android. That is why you can use the Showbox app not only on your phone but also on your TV. You should download the setup file to your PC, copy it onto a flash drive, and install the app via the TV installation manager. It will give you access to a ton of free content and hours of unlimited movie watching.

The app is blocked and does not work in some countries. You need to install a VPN client and select the IP of a country where the app works legally. Try finding other VPN clients if the installed one does not work.
Showbox Watch Movies on TVThe app sometimes stops running even though it ran perfectly up to this moment. In this case, you should clear the app cache. How it works: open applications in your device settings, click Showbox and «storage options». Then, clear the cache… It helped me…

How to install Showbox on PC?

Referring to the question «How to install Showbox on PC», I would say that the Showbox app for Windows does not exist. However, you can download and install the Android emulator on your PC and use the app in the same way as you do it on your smartphone. Besides, you can install vShare. There’s no alternative.

Showbox for iOS.

One more problem the users face is that not everyone has Android phones. Showbox (MovieBox HD) has also been created for iOS, but it is named differently — Moviebox Pro (Almost like the Android app). It’s the same app from the same developers. It has the same interface and features. The only difference is that it’s created for iPhones.

I want to tell the truth to lots of people who look for previous Showbox versions. The app is updated automatically as soon as it is installed.

Again, the app is not available on the Play Market or App Store. And it won’t be available. This illegal app violates copyrights. Moreover, the app came to its end and has been created in a new shell.

Summing up about Showbox.

In summary, download and install the Showbox (MovieBox HD) app from our website and enjoy watching your favorite movies or TV-series or listening to music. It’s up to you… Have fun!

You may check the alternative apps, as there is no shortage of them on our website. You may pay heed to the app Cinehub. Today, it is the best alternative I’ve managed to find.


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евгений игоревич
евгений игоревич Гости 3 May 2021 07:23
Хорошее приложение для бесплатного просмотра фильмов!!
Daniel Гости 19 July 2021 14:10
Showbox used to be just a bomb, not an app. It was only used by lazy people. It's a shame it doesn't work anymore. In the hope that it will still be restored, I redid many sites and reinstalled a few thousand Showbox installation files. But the result has never been achieved. Most of the applications simply did not work, some simply wrote that the server was not available, and the rest was a trick of cheaters. It's a shame that the scammers decided to capitalize on the trust of Showbox people and fans. I miraculously came across this site and after reading the article, I completely agree with the author. In addition, I found a decent replacement for Showbox here and now my searches are over. If you are still looking for where to download Showbox apk, then drop this venture and consider an alternative application. And to the author of the article and the administration of this site, many thanks and the prosperity of your project.
lukashik Администраторы 20 July 2021 14:43
Hello. Thank you for your feedback. Yes, I completely agree with you. Today it is better not to dwell on Showbox, but to use its alternative.
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