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Plague Inc. is a game for Android in the genre of disease simulator. 

The game is a fairly realistic process of spreading the disease. The player is given the opportunity to enslave or destroy all of humanity.Download Plague Inc to your phoneThe gameplay begins with the fact that you need to choose the type of disease: 

Bacteria is the very first disease. It is the easiest and most understandable for the player to learn.

The virus is the next disease on the list. It is a little more difficult because of the constant mutations, but if you use it correctly, then these mutations can be used in your favor. 

Fungus is the third type of disease. This pathogen has a disadvantage in the form of a very slow infection. But this can be compensated by special features: accidental infection of any country and an increase in the rate of spread of the disease. 

The parasite is the fourth type of disease from the standard list. Its biggest drawback is the lack of DNA points for infecting people. 
Prion is the fifth disease. And the main drawback of this disease is the slow infection and high mortality of people. 

The nano-virus is the sixth disease on the bioweapon list. The downside of this virus is that drug development starts from the beginning. But this disadvantage can be compensated by low prices for improvements and development of the disease. Also, the rate of development of the disease is high. 

Biological weapons are the final disease on the standard list. Its disadvantage is the ever-increasing mortality of people. This disadvantage must be constantly monitored with the help of special skills. 

"Neurax" - this disease belongs to the list of special ones. The process of infection and development of the disease is very different from simple diseases. There are two ways to achieve victory: to subjugate all of humanity or to completely destroy it. 

The virus "Necroa" is the second disease from the list of special ones. It is an undisclosed virus and is considered very aggressive. There is also an extreme regeneration ability, which makes this virus very dangerous. A distinctive feature of the disease is that with a certain order of pumping symptoms, people become infected and become zombies. 

Simian flu is the third type of special disease. This type of disease was added to the game for the release of the movie " planet of the apes. Revolution". The development of the disease in the game takes place like a movie script. A virus has appeared on earth that increases the intelligence of monkeys, but at the same time is deadly to humans. Humanity does not want to give up and will fight viruses. 

The game has methods to fight our viruses. The cure is humanity's last hope from total extermination and victory over the virus. The disease will be detected if there is at least one symptom that increases the severity of the disease or death.Install Plague Inc on your smartphoneThe speed of drug development depends on the complexity of the virus. When the development of the drug reaches one hundred percent, scientists will immediately go to the infected countries and treat the population. If the scientists manage to cure all living people, the game ends and the player loses. 

Natural disasters-these phenomena in the game occur completely by accident. If any of the natural disasters occur during the infection process, the player receives notifications in the form of a "who"report. A natural disaster kills people, and the number of victims can be hundreds or even thousands. 

In a country where a disaster has occurred and there are few infected people, then all infected people die and the country becomes healthy. The types of natural disasters also depend on the climate. In hot climates, earthquakes and hurricanes occur. When cold, floods, Tsunamis, and earthquakes occur. When wet, there are floods, tsunamis, earthquakes and finally, when dry, earthquakes and hurricanes. 

"Who" - this organization is taken from the actual"world health organization". Her role in the game is to announce reports about natural disasters, about the disease that we spread. 
"Who" informs the world how dangerous our disease is and the study of the drug is accelerating. But it may be too late, since most of humanity may already be lost. 

"Z-Com" - in the game, this organization is the defender of humanity from the invasion of zombies. "Z-Com" appears only in the Necroa virus game mode. As soon as, in any country, there are infected or zombies Z-Com deploys its base in a healthy or little infected territory. 

The organization sends forces to fight the virus selectively where it is more necessary. If you do not resist Z-Com, they will destroy all the zombies and cure the infected. Then you can assume that the game is lost, and you need to start all over again. 

The CCB is another organization present in the game. The Central Bank constantly writes news headlines about the tragedy in a particular country. Helps global doctors spot the virus faster and start developing a vaccine to fight it.

The developers of Plague Inc. tried to make a very realistic game to destroy the world and in my opinion they did it very well.

You can download Plague Inc for Android both on our website and through the Play Market app.
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Required Android version 4+
Latest Update 26.11.2020
Size (Google Play) 74.94 Mb
Age limit 7+

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