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Asphalt 9: Legends is an incredibly spectacular race on Android from the Gameloft development team. They, as always, do not stop spoiling their fans with cool races with excellent graphics and physics. The game was created on the same engine as the previous version of asphalt 8 and of course absorbed all the shortcomings from previous versions.

After the release of this game, it was presented only in a few countries, so to speak for the test mode. The toy was to the taste of foreign gamers and it was released. I must say that already in the test version there was a donate, which of course is sad. But as they say “ " This is business and nothing personal”" The company also has people and they also want to eat. Oh well…Download Asphalt 9 on your phoneThe game features more than 50 real cars licensed by the manufacturer, which seems to be not a lot and not a little. New sports cars are opened for the cards that we get in the course of passing the game.

The game features three modes for us:

  1. Single career.
  2. Multi player.
  3. Events.

The last two modes will open only after completing 20 career levels. The career is divided into five chapters, each of which has more than ten seasons, which also contain from 6 to 8 races. And this suggests that there are just a huge number of races here and it will definitely not be boring. The races themselves, not to say that long in time, and last an average of one and a half minutes. If you make a mistake a couple of times during the race, then you will definitely not have enough time to catch up. This means that the race will need to be held again.

But everything would be fine, but there is one thing ... If you lose the race, then you need to re-enter the game and spend a unit of fuel. As you can already guess, it is not a little-known company that earns money on fuel. That is, if we want to continue playing, we buy fuel for tokens or real money, or we sit and wait for the fuel to recover.

Every race in the career involves the fulfillment of some goal. For example, to arrive first or enter the top three winners, well, or to drift a certain number of points. Then you will be assigned checkboxes that affect the opening of future events.Install cache asphalt 9 on androidThe races turned out to be very dynamic and Hyper arcade. The gameplay boils down to finding shortcuts, using jumps from trampolines, collecting nitro and performing spectacular stunts. The graphics and sound are still at their best and are amazing in quality. Especially the effect of a crumbling car in a strong collision.

The toy has plenty of special effects, but it's asphalt, and he can be forgiven for a lot. The control is very convenient, but if you need to adjust something to your taste, then you are welcome to the settings.

The toy is free and relatively light in weight, only 1.8 GB. Summing up, I want to Express my opinion on the account of donate.

Developers had to make two versions of the game: one free with some limitation in the number of levels and the PRO version, for 5-10 dollars. I think that a fan of such races with excellent dynamics and graphics, would buy the PRO version. Well, if there is no money or desire to pay, then in the limited version, you play yourself calmly, without being distracted by fuel and other chips.

Definitely a toy worthy of your attention and a little free space on your gadget.

You can download Asphalt 9: Legends for Android both on our website and through the Play Market app.
Additional Information
Required Android version 5.0+
Latest Update 21.10.2020
Size (Google Play) 99Mb
Age limit 7+

How to install the cache for game

1) Download and install the APK.

2) Allow installation from unknown sources.

3) Download and unzip the cache folder to / Android / obb /.

It should look like this / Android / obb / cache_folder / * obb file.

4) Start the game!

For more information on how to install the cache, see here.

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