Minecraft-Pocket Edition

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Have you ever dreamed of building your own world? I'm sure it is. In the game for Android Minecraft - Pocket Edition-this is more than possible.

And you can build anything that you have enough imagination (houses, castles, palaces, and even a whole city). The graphics are certainly not familiar, but this is the whole trick. The game has unique voice acting behind the background and distinct sounds of what is happening.Download Minecraft on your tabletAt the beginning of the game, before nightfall, you need to get blocks of land and build a shelter from them. After all, all sorts of monsters appear at night: spiders, skeletons, bats and creepers. All these evil spirits will try to kill you and to survive you need to hide somewhere.

To mine resources, you will need tools. Collect wood, put a workbench in your shelter and craft a shovel, axe and pickaxe. With the availability of tools, it will be easier to extract resources and of course protect yourself).

It remains to start building a mine, for the extraction of various stones, coal, iron, gold, diamonds, etc. you can Dig deep to the core, where you can find rare minerals diamonds, etc. Beware of lava, it kills.Download Minecraft to your phoneFrom blocks of stone we build buildings, from iron we craft tools stronger and more reliable. And go on the hunt). We extract meat, milk, eggs and skins from the animals and chickens living there. Meat is fried and eaten to restore strength, and wool makes a blanket for a sweet sleep. In General, everything is like in life.

For the disclosure of their fantasies, there is no limit and rules. We develop and build our own world, from which we do not want to leave.  Well, if they left, then they want to return to it as soon as possible))).  The game is more than worthy, both for children and adults.

The game Minecraft can be downloaded on our website, as well as in the Play Market app for Android.
Additional Information
Required Android version 4+
Latest Update 20.11.2020
Size (Google Play) 113.18 Mb
Age limit 7+
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