Moviebox HD apk download - watch movies for free.

Moviebox HD is a streaming video app for Android. Now you don't need to pay to watch movies, TV series and TV shows. Just install the program on your gadget and enjoy a mini cinema.

The Moviebox HD app has internal ads, which is a little annoying. But let's imagine for a moment, where is there no advertisement today? She is everywhere. We turn on the game and there is advertising, we watch cable TV and again advertising, we walk down the street and there is advertising, there are also a lot of advertisements on social networks, videos on YouTube also have ads.

Download moviebox on smartphoneUsing the application, we watch movies for free, so you can pretend that we do not notice it and endure for 10-30 seconds. When watching a movie through the application, the commercials will not bother us, only when we exit the video player.

But even here there is a method of dealing with it. You just need to install an additional application that will block ads and that's it. Fortunately, there are many such programs freely available, and one of them is Blokada. Installed and forgotten.

How to download and install Moviebox HD?

Installing Moviebox HD on Android is quite simple. In general, like any downloaded from third-party sites on the Internet.

  1. Download the installation file from our website.
  2. In the settings of your device, in the security section, allow installation from unknown sources.
  3. Install the previously downloaded application file and wait for the installation to complete.
  4. The application logo will appear on the screen of the gadget, click on it and use it.

Description and functions of Moviebox HD.

Moviebox HD interface looks almost like everyone else. After all, the design itself was taken from the famous Showbox application. Now let's take a look at it from the inside:

  1. Editor's Choice. You will be presented with a list of movies that have become hits for years to come. Such as: Gary Potter, Batman, The Lord of the Rings, Titanic and others. Also the best selection of HBO Shows, BBC, Netflix, TV Shows and many other pictures.
  2. TV Shows. This section contains series of different years of release and genres. Of course, there are also new items and cartoons.
  3. Movies. A list is presented, ranging from new products this year, to more past pictures. Scrolling down the list, I'm tired while the 2019 films came out. So the catalog is really impressive here.
  4. HD releases. List of movies, TV series and cartoons in HD quality. I do not understand a little why it is needed here, if all this is also in other sections.
  5. Anime. This is the cartoon section, which is divided into two categories. These are full-length series and series. The catalog also has no boundaries.
  6. The calendar. What's new has been added for today or on the day that interests you.
  7. History. All the movies that you watched earlier in sequence are displayed here.
  8. Favorites. This section shows the movies that you have flagged by adding them to your favorites.
  9. Collection. To get to this section, you need to register in the system.
  10. Settings. I will not describe this section, as it contains a large list of items.

After selecting any movie or cartoon, Moviebox HD shows you a list of streaming video, its quality and size. I understand that it temporarily downloads data to your device for further viewing, and you are given a choice.Best Showbox AlternativeA short description is added to each motion picture, for quick acquaintance with it. You don't need to use a third-party video player as the app uses its own. There is also a selection filter by genre and category, and by year of release.

Pros and cons of Moviebox HD app.

Summing up, I would like to say that Moviebox HD deserves attention, if only because it is completely free and does not require registration from you. You don't need to send a request to developers and wait for an application activation code from them. Moreover, to pay the same $ 20 for use. Just download, install and watch.

Unfortunately, the application was not created for use on PC or iOS, but as an option for PC, you can use an android emulator. If your TV is also created on the android platform, then you can install it on it. You can download it using the browser on your TV and install, or download the installation file on your PC. After transferring it to a USB flash drive and through the installation manager on your TV, install it like any other program.

Link to Moviebox HD apk at the bottom of the article. Since the application is pirated and infringes copyrights in some countries, it certainly is not in the Play Market. We also have many other streaming video apps on our site. If suddenly you are not satisfied with Moviebox HD, then you can always familiarize yourself with its alternative.

I wish you a pleasant viewing of your favorite films and TV series, and even free.

Moviebox HD

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