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Call Of Duty: Mobile is a legendary first-person shooter that has spoiled us with cool PC games for many years. Well, now, we are given the opportunity to play this exclusive on our smartphones absolutely free.

Going into the game menu, the first thing that catches our eye is the design and design, which exactly coincides with the equally popular game PUBG: Mobile. But don't be too surprised, because both of these games have the same development team. Which suggests that the guys just didn't bother and come up with something new.Download Call of Duty Mobile to your smartphoneThe first thing that awaits you is to go through basic training, where you will be shown control and the basics of fighting. Then they will offer to join the network game, against other gamers from all over the world. But before you rush into battle, go to the game settings and adjust the controls to suit your needs, and choose your weapon.

The graphics in the toy are at the highest level, as is the soundtrack. The controls, in my opinion, are slightly uncomfortable and heavy. But I think that you just need to get used to it a little and in the future, there will be no difficulties with it. The number of weapons is not to say that a lot, but also not a little. Despite the fact that types of weapons can be bought in the internal store for a currency we do not like.

Yes ... there is donate in the game, but how can it be without it. But there is no need to be upset about this, as currency can be easily earned for completing missions. Plus, there are various daily bonuses, which also give us different bonuses in the form of additional weapons or money.Call of duty set to phoneCall Of Duty: Mobile has two combat modes:

  1. Team mode or match. It is divided into a couple of categories: search and destruction, battle royale. In the first, you get together in a team and hunt a group of opposing players, and they, in turn, hunt you. You are divided by color: red and blue. In the royal battle, everyone plays for himself. But, and only the strongest will survive.
  2. Fight against zombies. It also falls into two categories:

  • Plot. In this mode, you need to complete missions, clearing the territory from the bloodthirsty dead.
  • Operation. In it, users need to go through a series of maps with real players, which are part of the task. Each location needs to be cleaned, and in the last mission you have to fight with a large and strong boss, who will not be so easy to defeat.

In my opinion, the toy is a success. However, it is still being finalized and constantly updated. As always, gamers from all over the world are divided into two camps. Some say that the toy is a complete failure (perhaps comparing it to other games), while others admire it and play it with great pleasure.

What can I say ... How many people, so many opinions. Of course, it has its drawbacks, and as one example, this is a constant Internet connection. But as an online first-person shooter, it's more than worthy. The weight of the game is almost 2 GB, but for such graphics it is not much. The number of installations exceeds 100 million and that says something.

You can download Call Of Duty: Mobile for Android from our website or through the official Play Market application.
Additional Information
Required Android version 4.3+
Latest Update 11.11.2020
Size (Google Play) 87Mb
Age limit 16+

How to install the cache for game

1) Download and install the APK.

2) Allow installation from unknown sources.

3) Download and unzip the cache folder to / Android / obb /.

It should look like this / Android / obb / cache_folder / * obb file.

4) Start the game!

For more information on how to install the cache, see here.

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