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The Bethesda development team has decided to once again indulge us with a first-person mobile game related to the universe of The Elder Scrolls. The user is given the opportunity to take part in the secret organization of the Empire, in which the secret agents of the Order of the Blades were supposed to keep the peace and unquestioningly carry out any orders of the emperor. For one of these agents, you have to play.

So, the plot of the game begins with the fact that you, along with the other Blades, were disbanded and sent into exile. All scattered in all directions, and our hero decided to return to his hometown. And when he returns, he sees that the city is completely destroyed and stands in ruins. Your task, as a fearless and hardworking person, is to completely restore the city and, at the same time, cleanse it of hordes of goblins, skeletons, bandits and even hordes of rats.Elder Scrolls: Blades - rpg for androidAt the very beginning of the game, we will need to choose one of the races in which the well-known Argonians and Khajiit are present. First, you need to customize the appearance of the character, and after that, you can start looking for a new and better weapon, pumping the skills of a fighter and at the same time destroying everyone in your path.

The character leveling in the game is not limited, and makes it possible to rise to the highest level, where you can measure your strengths in PVP with other players. Of course, this The Elder Scrolls: Blades falls short of the PC version of this game. But this is the best RPG for mobile so far.

During the game, you can hold your device both horizontally and vertically. The developers have thought through all the little things and when you change the screen orientation, the menu and the game process itself completely adjusts to your preferred position.
How to correctly approach the choice of the player's race, so as not to change it later.

It is better to decide on the choice of race from the very beginning of the game. If you are not satisfied with your choice, then it can be changed when you hit the city, but this is not free at all and will cost you 50 gems. Each race has unique passive skills and additional bonuses. Therefore, it is better to make the right choice right away.

Argonian is an additional 5% health regeneration and 5% to damage with daggers, hatchets and light hammers. Playing as this race, you will have to play in light armor and defeat your enemies not with brute force, but with cunning.

Breton - 10% magic resistance and 5% damage with long swords, battle axes and maces. Playing as this race, you will play in heavy armor and defeat your enemies with a sword and shield.

High Elf - 15% electricity resistance and 5% magic regeneration. Playing for her, you have to throw back the steel weapon and begin to study magic.

Imperial - 5% to restore life from healing spells and 5% to damage with long swords, battle axes and maces. By choosing this type, you will play for the most armored and armed character, while having a lot of healing potions and spells in stock.

Kajit - 5% to armor class and 10% to poison damage. Playing as this cat-like race, the main weapon for defeating opponents is various poisons. Heavy armor is not suitable for playing with them, so light armor and sharp daggers will do.

Wood elf - 15% to resistance to poison and 5% to damage by abilities. If you play for this type, then when pumping a character, unlike other races, active skills prevail, and not passive ones.

Nord - 15% to frost resistance and 5% to damage with two-handed swords, axes and war hammers. When playing as this race, do not rely on the help of shields and skills associated with them. Heavy armor and powerful weapons will help you.

Orc - 5% to the class of armor and 5% to damage by abilities. Here is another of the types, with the development of which, you will pump the active skills of the character.

Redguard - 15% poison resistance and 5% stamina regeneration. This race, perfectly opposes the Khajiit, who use various potions in battle. In battles, you can use it productively, the skills of the character are active.

Dark Elf - 15% fire resistance and 5% spell damage. In battles, you can defeat enemies with magic, but when using weapons there will be little sense.Download Elder Scrolls to your smartphoneWhen you have chosen the type of clan, the initial skills are chosen completely randomly and it will be good if they match the special abilities of the selected race. On this engine, there is no way to attack enemies from a distance, so neither bows nor crossbows were added to the game.

The developers added the ability to build a city to the game, which is a little pleasing. Several modes are available to you: city, abyss and the opportunity to measure your strength in online battles with other players.

City. At the very beginning of the game, you will find yourself in your home destroyed city. You have to restore the city from scratch and in order to restore it completely, you will have to collect the necessary materials bit by bit at various locations. First of all, you need to build the town hall, which is the main building in the city.

In the future, you will build new buildings, upgrade existing ones and bring the city back to its original form. At the very beginning of the game, NPS will constantly complain to you and give you various orders. To complete them, the character just needs to go to the sign and take the task, which, by the way, will never end.

Abyss - in this mode you will endlessly complete tasks in the cave. You will have to go down lower and lower into the depths of the cave, and opponents with each level will become more difficult. The deeper you go, the more valuable the reward will be. In this mode, you can get not only gold, but also all possible useful items, weapons and equipment for your character.

Arena - In this mode, you can measure your strength with other players and show who is cooler in this arena.

The graphics in the game are excellent, as is the soundtrack. The developers tried to convey that unforgettable atmosphere from other games of The Elder Scrolls. And they succeeded.

You can download The Elder Scrolls: Blades for Android both on our website and through the Play Market application.
Additional Information
Required Android version 6.0+
Latest Update 3.12.2020
Size (Google Play) 96Mb
Age limit 16+

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