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Traffic rider is a racing simulator for android, where you have to ride a cool bike, with unlimited speed, on numerous tracks, overtaking and maneuvering between cars.

The Soner Kara development team decided to please the speed lovers with their masterpiece, and even riding a motorcycle. The toy is not very young and was released in 2016, but it is still in demand among gamers and delivers a lot of pleasant sensations and adrenaline rush during its passage.Traffic Rider great racing simulatorOf course, there is no plot in this game. You just need to drive as much as possible and not crash. During the passage of the race, the user will be awarded points and money for excellent maneuvers. You can spend them in the in-house store, buying more sophisticated motorcycles or complementing an existing one.

The more distance you run on your iron horse, the more and more difficult the toy will become with each kilometer. The number and density of oncoming cars on your way will increase. Your task is to rush between them without colliding or falling off the bike. Indeed, at high speed, falling or rolling over from a motorcycle means certain death.

The amount of money earned will depend on the speed, maneuver and in which lane it was all done. If you maneuver into the oncoming lane, you will receive more points. Of course, such a ride is more dangerous but certainly more profitable. As soon as you accumulate a certain amount of money, go to the garage. There you will find more than 20 types of luxury bikes that will not leave you indifferent to them.

In Traffic rider you play in first person, which gives more feeling of speed. The control is quite convenient and it will not be difficult to make maneuvers. There are additional settings for choosing the sensitivity when driving. Unlike games of a similar type, there is an opportunity to control the speed by squeezing the gas or the brake.Download Traffic Rider to your smartphoneThe graphics are great considering the toy is 2016. Soundtrack for fans of the roar of a powerful bike, but its sound does not particularly distract from the driving process itself.

Game modes:

  1. Route. You need to go through certain tracks.
  2. Before the accident. As soon as they crashed, the race ends and starts all over again. For a while. The route is divided into certain segments and when they are reached, 30 seconds are added to you.
  3. Free check-in. We go where we want and how we want.

Difficulty selection:

  1. One Way.
  2. Two-way traffic.
In each game mode, you will have access to a choice of any of 4 stages: Winter, city, desert, highway. Also, you can choose any time of the day from noon to severe frost at night.

The developers are constantly making new additions and changes, taking into account past errors and the wishes of users. Which is cool of course.

Summing up, I would like to say that although the toy is dynamic and arouses interest, it only quickly becomes boring. But as one of the options to while away the time, it is.

Most players try to download and install a modified version, since it has a lot of money and you can immediately buy any bike without going through the levels. I did not notice much difference between the motorcycles, the only thing is speed.

You can download Traffic rider for Android from our website or through the official Play Market application.
Additional Information
Required Android version 5.0+
Latest Update 17 июля 2020 г.
Size (Google Play) 109M
Age limit 3+

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