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Homescapes is an exciting arcade game for Android that will make you immerse yourself in it for long hours of fun playing it.

Do you have a lot of free time? If not, then you need to download and install the game Homescapes on your gadget... And then you will definitely have time to play.Homescapes on a tabletHomescapes is not just a logical game in the genre of “three in a row”, the game has its own amazing plot, which sometimes develops not predictably and intriguingly. After each of the restored rooms, creating a sense that the end is near. But no... it's just getting started.

Butler Austin, very urgently needs your help to save and transform the family mansion. Passing fascinating puzzles, you need to restore one room after another. You will be the designer and participant of various events.

We restore the hall, then develop and choose the design of Austin's room. We remove junk, remove old Wallpaper, change the floor, Windows and much more. First, transform the kitchen, then the bedroom, the cinema, the winter garden and even get a pet in the form of a cat who arranges all sorts of dirty tricks. In order not to be of the same type, in the plot there are his parents, the future girl Catherine with her mother:), well, as without the mother-in-law ... and many more different characters.Homescapes on your phoneThe game developers have thought through everything to the smallest detail. Once you start playing, you get involved in the process and want to go even further and further. I've been playing this game myself for more than four months now). The beauty of the game is that the plot is constantly new, and the rounds in the puzzle are not repeated. 

The game is not Intrusive and captures its design, plot and mystery. Homescapes game is worthy of attention and a little free space on your device…

You can download this game on our website, as well as on the official Play Market for Android.
Additional Information
Required Android version 4.2+
Latest Update 02.10.2020
Size (Google Play) 146 Mb
Age limit 3+
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