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The mobile game Zooba: Animal Battle is an exciting cartoon shooter for Android, which is an analogue of the currently popular Brawl Stars toy.
There is a lot of controversy on the Internet on this score, some say that Zuba appeared earlier than Brawl Stars, others believe the opposite. But be that as it may, this development has its own distinction and advantage.Download Zooba for tabletThe game is made in the genre of a royal battle, but you will not play with people, but with animated animals. If you are tired of playing, for example, in , then it's time to add a little variety and install this shooter. At the beginning of the game, the user needs to choose his character from the three presented, and there are 16 of them:

  1. Kangaroo Molly. Her ability, agility. She can deftly jump long distances.
  2. Fox Nix. Balance.
  3. Gorilla Bruce. Has increased strength.

The rest of the characters are closed, and you can unlock them only by going to the next league. Is there a donate in the game? Yes, where without it. This is one of the reasons why gamers try to download the hacked version of the game. But its presence is not necessary and you can play Zuba without investing a cent. Which of course pleases.Zooba on the phoneFrom the beginning, you go through a short tutorial, where you will be introduced to controls, weapons and the first fight. After that we find ourselves in a fenced zoo, where we have to fight with other real players.

Zooba has three game modes:

  1. 5x5 - a team battle, where there are 5 fighters on each side.
  2. 3x3 - similar to the first mode, but only 3 players in each team participate in the battle.
  3. Solo. Where everyone is for himself, and in the end only the strongest will survive. 20 gamers participate in it, and everyone wants to win. Therefore, do not expect mercy, it is not here.

It seems nothing special, but why is this game so fascinating? I saw many reviews saying that this toy is superior to Brawl Stars. Let's figure it out:

  1. Large map. At the top, you can see where you are and find out the location of your opponent. If the participants are scattered and far from each other, then a fire is formed and its circle begins to narrow. Thus, collecting all the players in one place for a fierce battle.
  2. Variety of landscape. In one place you can play in the desert, tropics or in the ice world.
  3. After killing the enemy, you can collect his weapons, grenades, armor and other necessary items.
  4. There are many caches where different weapons are stored, which means that there will be no problems with its presence.
  5. Having won the first place, you are given a bonus with which you can pump your hero. Add strength, stamina, speed, damage and range to it.
  6. Buildings, fountains, bridges are coolly drawn, every little thing is noticed and worked out. While playing, there is a feeling of being directly inside the cartoon itself.
  7. Absolutely free and does not require a mandatory donation.
  8. A large number of different bonuses, which reduces the importance of purchases.
Install Tooth on smartphonePerhaps these are not all the pros, but this is what I saw. The developers did not bother too much with ideas, and took only a little from other games. For example, a narrowing circle of fire, taken from Fortnight. But only there the storm cloud plays this role.

Zooba: The battle of animals for android turned out to be quite exciting, dynamic, colorful and as addictive as possible. Show everyone who is in charge of the zoo ...

You can download Zooba from our website or through the official Play Market application.
Additional Information
Required Android version 6.0+
Latest Update 17.12.2020
Size (Google Play) 175M
Age limit 3+

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