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Brothers: a Tale of two Sons

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Brothers: A tale of 2 sons for android is a port of one of the most soulful groove platformers, which was originally released for PC, but over time was developed for mobile phones.

The plot of the game tells us about two brothers. Having lost their beloved mother at an early age, they stay to live with their father. Everything would be fine, but their father is very ill and is on the verge of death. Undeterred, the boys load him onto a cart and take him to the local healer. After examining the patient, the doctor says that things are very bad, and he can not help himself. But there is still one remedy that can help and save the father.
Brothers: A tale of 2 sons on the phoneThe healer takes out an old map, which shows the path to the Tree of Life, under which there is a lake with living water. Only by drinking this water can all diseases be cured, and for this is the only way to save their father. It is from this that the game originates to the path of many adventures and puzzles. It would seem that there is nothing special in the story, and the plot of the whole game as a whole is quite predictable. But once you start playing it, the opinion changes quickly, and the game process itself is very quickly addictive, and you do not want to leave it.

The peculiarity of the gameplay is that you have to play simultaneously for two heroes. Fortunately, their management is implemented very conveniently, with the help of two joysticks that appear on your screen. The problems and puzzles that arise on your way are very simple and in principle will not cause any difficulties, but the further you go into the game itself, the more difficult they become. Basically, their solution will be the interaction of the two brothers, as well as their unique abilities. For example: the older brother is stronger, the younger one is smaller, and the investigator can crawl into narrow passages. Also in the game there will be bosses, which you can defeat using fraternal mutual assistance.Brothers: A tale of 2 sons free downloadIn terms of graphics, I would like to note the wonderfully designed locations, which, although they are narrow corridors, beyond which it is not possible to go, but creates a beautiful atmosphere of the Middle Ages. If players from the PC and console were dissatisfied with the quality of drawing, then on mobile the game looks better. However, it is worth noting that in the android versions of the game, there are no dynamic shadows, which, although very noticeable, but the process of immersion in the plot of the toy does not affect.

The Brothers game is primarily catchy with its story. Playing it is like watching a movie or reading an adventure book. This is what she liked many gamers. The presentation of the toy completely covers and justifies the gameplay that is too simple in terms of riddles.

And to solve the task set before the brothers, you need to solve a puzzle, for example, to pass a bridge or cut down a tree, using both characters at once. This is the whole problem, the management of two heroes at once. In general, to explain this feeling is problematic, so you need to experience them yourself.Brothers: A tale of 2 sons on tabletThe toy turned out to be extremely addictive and entertaining. If you haven't played Brothers: A tale of 2 sons on a PC, then you definitely need to play it on your smartphone. A well-thought-out plot, excellent graphics and sound will not leave you indifferent to this adventure masterpiece and it will be a terrible mistake to pass it by.

You can download Brothers: A tale of 2 sons for android both on our website and through the Google Play Market app.
Additional Information
Required Android version 4.0+
Latest Update 25.05.2016
Size (Google Play) 15.21 Mb
Age limit 16+

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