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Shadowgun legends is an exciting first-person shooter with excellent graphics and sound, in which you once again need to save the world from an extraterrestrial race.

I want to tell you right away that this game is from the MADFINGER Games development team. They are developers and publishers of their own games. This is not a huge company, as let's say the same Gameloft. This company does not have a huge budget or large sponsors. These are just cool guys who create good games for mobile devices. I drew your attention to this, because, looking at their games, it does not seem so at all, because the impression of the graphics, from working out the details and the plot itself is created as from an expensive project.Shadowgun legends for tabletShadowgun legends is a game that has been eagerly awaited by many players around the world. When only the first screenshots and videos for this game appeared, I was personally shocked by what was waiting for us. This is a great game with its pros and cons. Unlike the first version of the game, which was created in the third person, where we were told the story of a bounty hunter named Jonas, in this version, the developers decided to radically make changes.

In order to understand what kind of toy it is, we need to pay attention to its names. The main meaning of this developer is carried by the names. I will not go into the roots of this idea, if you are interested, you can find all the information on the Internet, and even better, play the first part.

As in most similar games, you are initially given the opportunity to create your character, whether it is a woman or a man, and pump it. Then our fighter appears in a small location called Hap. You won't see the usual menu with different sections and buttons here. Hap is the menu where you choose what to do. It has five important sections that will give out tasks and everything else.Shadowgun legends on your smartphoneYour hero will have a chance to visit and clean up four planets, participating in more than two hundred battles and clashes. A huge arsenal of weapons, ammunition and ammunition.

Consider a few of the characters represented in this game.

- Pedro. This is a very interesting alien who will be responsible for donate. A kind of banker. (Yes, yes... donate is here and you can't get away from it).  Here you can find for the most part a variety of things that can be bought for gold. Gold is just a donation currency that you can get for viewing ads or buy for real money.

The game also has a free currency, which you will receive for completing various tasks and contracts, as well as for selling various things. But there is one drawback, its number is limited, and the maximum amount you can earn it is about 750 thousand. Unfortunately, it will be of little use, since everything is mostly tied to donate.

- Nitro. It is responsible for different game modes. There are two other characters who are sellers.

And probably the most basic gladiator who was the main character in the first version is Jones. He will be responsible for plot tasks and their execution.Download Shadowgun legends for freeIn Shadowgun legends, you can not only constantly run and shoot, killing enemies, but you can also have a little fun. Hop has a bar, casino and eateries and the coolest thing you can do here is to communicate with other players using voice chat and different emotions. The arsenal of emotions can be expanded mainly for donate.

The game has several modes. This is a single, team, capture the flag, cooperative missions and that's it. As for the skills, there are active and passive ones that you have upgraded and can use them. Donate is not required for pumping skills, here you will need a free currency.

In general, the toy turned out to be quite interesting and dynamic, with excellent graphics and sound.   Let me remind you that this is a small budget project that was created on its own. So don't expect anything more from him than he can give.

What else can I add… Download, install and enjoy the game.

You can download Shadowgun legends for android both on our website and through the Google Play Market app.
Additional Information
Required Android version 6.0+
Latest Update 09.10.2020
Size (Google Play) 62.8 Mb
Age limit 16+

How to install the cache for game

1) Download and install the APK.

2) Allow installation from unknown sources.

3) Download and unzip the cache folder to / Android / obb /.

It should look like this / Android / obb / cache_folder / * obb file.

4) Start the game!

For more information on how to install the cache, see here.

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