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Slaughter is a third-person shooter game where you have to play as a young guy named Russell. After the next update, the game has a mode in which you can play in the first person, but it is played quite inconveniently. Although perhaps there are those who were still comfortable with it.

Since this is a shooter, then in the game we will shoot opponents from different types of weapons. It is not quite a lot here, but it is enough for this game. Weapons will be obtained from the enemies you have defeated, which is much more interesting if you bought them. And then thank you to the developers for this opportunity. In addition to firearms, there is also a knife that will help you out when you run out of ammo or when the enemy is so close to you that the only option is to stab him.slaughter on a tabletWhen the character is close to the enemy, a knife icon appears on the shooting button, when pressed, the main character begins to wield this very knife. This is done so conveniently that in some moments it will be better to forget about firearms and use an axe.

Weapons, as for a third-person shooter, are not bad to celebrate, and shooting and shooting at the enemy looks amazing. In the game there are also first-aid kits that will help you in a difficult moment. But not everything is so simple, you can carry only one first-aid kit with you. And so, you will have to carefully monitor the health of the character.

The game has a lot of interesting opponents that will not let you get bored. Each of them has its own approach, but with the bosses you will need to show your ingenuity. With the enemies here everything is simple, they are crazy and crazy, with whom you can hardly agree and the only way out is to release a clip in them. At the sight of some of them, the question arises “Is it a person at all?". For example, a bully with a double-barrelled shotgun in his head.slaughter on your smartphoneThe locations here are built just perfectly, the atmosphere of the game is felt. Passing through them, you can understand that the main character got into a not very good place and he needs to get out of here as soon as possible. There is also an arena mode for fans to take their time wandering around the location and shooting the number of enemies.

The game does not have any puzzles, but at the very beginning you will still have to think about how best to pave the way to freedom. The control is quite simple and convenient, but still requires a little time to understand it and get used to it.slaughter free downloadSlaughter does not have a detailed plot, and when you start playing, you can not understand what is happening here and how you got here. The very essence will be revealed only much later, which in my opinion is a minus. The toy does not have many missions and is passed quickly enough. Reading reviews, many write that the levels are monotonous and quickly become boring. But here already on the fan....

The graphics for the mobile version are excellent, the sound is good, but there are not enough dialogues. Summing up, I want to say that the toy is worth attention and is quite worthy to take up a little space on your smartphone.

You can download Slaughter for android both on our website and through the Google Play Market app.
Additional Information
Required Android version 4.1+
Latest Update 04.01.2019
Size (Google Play) 36.6 Mb
Age limit 16+

How to install the cache for game

1) Download and install the APK.

2) Allow installation from unknown sources.

3) Download and unzip the cache folder to / Android / obb /.

It should look like this / Android / obb / cache_folder / * obb file.

4) Start the game!

For more information on how to install the cache, see here.

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