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Slaughter 3: The Rebels

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Slaughter 3 is a continuation of the acclaimed third-person shooter for android, in which all the different innovations were added and all the shortcomings were finalized.

In this version of the game, the developers decided to return the main character from the first part named Russell. Perhaps he is much less valuable to other players as a character and does not cause any emotions, but still this is the guy with whom the story of the massacre began.Slaughter 3: The Rebels on the tabletThe third part of the game is a kind of prequel to the first version. On the one hand, I wanted the development and perhaps the final of the massacre, but on the other hand, it is interesting to know how it all began. Anyway, the game turned out to be good and raised the bar compared to the previous parts.

The gameplay of the game has not changed and it is not at all frustrating. Its quality is still at its best and nothing really needs to be changed. The developers listened to user feedback and made a number of huge changes. Story and side quests in the game are now done, done differently. We no longer run around locations without stopping, as it was before. Here the player now eats a small base, which contains all the important elements. Such as new characters, a weapon shop, and tasks to complete.Slaughter 3: The Rebels on your smartphoneThere was a weapon store and such a thing as trash, which you will collect on the location. Then sell these things and get money for them, which will be used to purchase a variety of weapons. The ability to collect weapons from dead enemies has not gone away and is also present in the game. Also in the game you need to look for drawings that will open you a new type of firearm.

The creators of the game did not avoid pumping the character and added a variety of improvements. The number of fighters occupying your side has also changed, now there are four of them, including Russell himself. Each of them is a character with its own story and these are not stupid bots that will get in your way. They will be able to cover you and the most interesting thing is that you can switch between them, even in the midst of the battle itself. They have their own level, which can be pumped and pick up a special weapon for each. The story of each of the fighters, you will learn as the game progresses, which makes it diverse.

The graphics remained still at the highest level, and the soundtrack was refined and brought to a higher level. Humorous dialogues that bring a smile to your face and voice acting work together just fine. The plot, the characters of the characters are so simple and clear, which gives a big plus to the game.Slaughter 3: The Rebels Free downloadThere is an arena mode, where without it. There is also a free mode, where you just run around the locations, shooting enemies, and collecting drawings. Opponents here are just a large number and you will not get bored here. And shooting them will be a pleasure, which is great for the slaughter of this genre. The number of weapons from which you can shoot in the game is more than enough and this is another plus in the piggy bank of this development.

To sum up, we can safely say that developers do not bend their line, but still listen to users and make changes. The toy turned out to be more than worthy and has every chance to take a place on your device.

You can download Slaughter 3 for android both on our website and through the Google Play Market app.
Additional Information
Required Android version 4.4+
Latest Update 13.02.2020
Size (Google Play) 33.98 Mb
Age limit 16+

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4) Start the game!

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