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Gardenscapes game is a free arcade game for Android in which an easy but exciting story is created.

Do you like landscape design? Then the game for Android Gardenscapes will charm you and pull you into a fascinating world full of adventures.Gardenscapes on a tabletGardenscapes is another development of the Playrix team. The first developer game I met was Homescapes. Unlike Homescapes, Gardenscapes need to develop not a manor, but a garden. What makes both of these games diverse and very popular. 

The game is based on passing the puzzle in the style of “three in a row” and getting a star after each level. We get stars, and then we take on helping the Butler Austin, restore order in the territory of a huge garden. We put fountains, flower beds, plant trees, arrange statues and garden furniture, design gazebos and launch fish into ponds. In General, the variety of the plot will not leave you without positive emotions.Gardenscapes download to your phoneSo that you will not be bored, Austin gets a dog that pokes its nose everywhere and from time to time messes up. There are also other characters in the game: builders, blacksmiths, archaeologists and architects, children, scientists and others. All of them help Austin in his difficult task. 

Features of the game is that the choice of design is always up to you. The passage of the levels is completely addictive in the game, and you want to play more and more. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail and it's cool. Also, developers are constantly adding all sorts of chips to the game, making it more intense and interesting.

Colorful and addictive arcade game with an interesting story and addictive puzzle game inside it. A great way to pass your free time and not only...

You can download the game Gardenscapes on our website or from the official Play Market app for Android.
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Required Android version 4.2+
Latest Update 28.09.2020
Size (Google Play) 142.05 Mb
Age limit 3+
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