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If you are on this page, then you are familiar with the Showbox application and know its functionality. So, you have tried to download the app more than once in the hope that it will work as before. Of course, I don't want to upset you, but the Showbox app is no longer working and its servers have been removed. What happened to him, I wrote in a separate article.

Of course, there is no need to stop there, because its popularity has pushed other developers to create their own applications that are an alternative to Showbox. After reviewing and testing many similar developments, I have selected only the best for you. For each application, I have already made a more detailed report earlier, all you have to do is choose from the suggested list of analog Showbox and click on the link for further study, download and install. Let's look at them:

1. MovieBox Pro.

MovieBox Pro is a great alternative to Showbox, but with its big drawback. First, you need to register on the official website or through the app. Secondly, by sending an email to the developer asking them to send you an activation key. Usually within two days the key will be provided to you, but you don't want to wait ).
MovieBox Pro alternative to ShowboxThe program itself is free and has a huge database of movies, but you can buy a Pro account and use it without restrictions. In the Pro version, all new products will be available to you faster, annoying ads and developer support will not be shown. Read more here.

2. Cinehub

Cinehub is a lesser-known application of the Showbox analog, but superior to the first option. Of course, with its disadvantages, but they are extremely insignificant. You do not need to pass the mandatory registration, although the Pro version is also available here. A huge database of movies, cartoons and TV series. When choosing a movie to watch, you will be recommended to install a separate video player. Of course, you can use the internal video player, but still SPlayer is better.
Cinehub is the best alternative to ShowboxThe downside I found is that it doesn't add all the new items so quickly. More precisely, part of them. No internal advertising and absolutely free. As for me, this application is still very undervalued. Read the full description here.

3. Moviebox HD

Moviebox HD is an application developed by the creator of Showbox, after the forced closure of its main brainchild. A huge catalog of movies, but there is internal advertising. Not to say that it spoils the app, but still ... Ads will be shown to you when you exit the video player and last from 15 to 30 seconds. All the same we see in games on android, so you should already get used to it.
Moviebox HD is the best analog of Showbox appAs in Cinehub, not all new items immediately appear in the app, but there will be something to see here. For a more detailed analysis of the application, see here.

4. Cinema HD

Cinema HD is also a great alternative to Showbox, with a large database of movies and TV series. The application does not have its own servers, but takes all the content and databases of such giants of pirated content as 123movies or Solarmovie and other equally well-known sources. If you are familiar with these sites, you should know how many movies they have in their catalogs.
Cinema HD is the best replacement for ShowboxIt does not require the installation of a third-party video player, has no internal advertising and is completely free. Read the full review of this app here.

5. BeeTV

BeeTV is another decent alternative to the Showbox video streaming app. I would rather call it the Cinema HD twin, since they look the same and take movies from the same sources. The only difference between them is different sections, and so everything is the same. Of course, they may have a larger difference, but this needs to be looked at in a larger use of it, and not in testing mode.
BeeTV is the best analog of the Showbox appYou don't have to pay for it, no ads, huge video content base and easy to use. A detailed analysis of this application and the file for downloading it can be found here.

All of them have a choice of movie viewing quality up to HD, and some have 4K as well. Do not forget that they are pirated and violate copyright in some countries. Therefore, they can all repeat the sad fate of the Showbox application and be blocked at any time. But until that happens, download, install and enjoy free streaming video without restrictions.

Best alternative to Showbox app.

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