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Aptoide is a kind of alternative to the popular Play Market app store, but it has one plus that no other store has. All applications that you need to buy in the Play Market, here you can download absolutely free, well, or almost free. 

Perhaps you have encountered a situation where a certain game is closely advertised and praised, and after buying it, you do not find anything interesting in it. Just a waste of money. Well, or a great toy, but its price is simply sky-high and you feel sorry to spend such an amount on it. I am sure that almost everyone has experienced this.

Now you do not need to pay for the game or app, just download and install Aptoide, find what you want in it and download for free. For example, you need to pay for the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas in the Play Market, but here you can download it for free.

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This application was created by people who do not consider it necessary to give any money for these developments, and decided to make a kind of Black Friday with prices equal to zero. Initially, most of the games and applications were hacked by them and converted for free use. But their number was not significant, compared to the total mass of developments for android and the first catalog was small.

In order for the base to grow, the Aptoide development team made open access, which allowed any user to add games and applications independently. This is certainly a clever move, but there were also those who flooded applications with viruses, which slightly undermined the authority of Aptoide on android. The application was gaining popularity and began to monitor the quality of downloaded files.

Over time, this problem has been solved, but you still need to be extremely careful. If you decide to use this development, then first install an antivirus on your gadget. Although the presence of an antivirus, this is the very first application that should be installed on your smartphone or tablet.

Download Aptoide to your tablet

Aptoide interface and capabilities:

The application interface is extremely simple and has an almost standard look for developments in this category. Anyone can understand navigation, even a child. When you open the program, you will first be shown the most downloaded games and apps. Aptoide has two sections: games and apps. But we don't need anything else ). Each section is divided into categories and genres. By entering the game or app page, you can read its description, but there are no reviews here. Which of course, in my opinion, is a fat minus.

There are five menu buttons in the bottom panel:

  1. Go to the main page. By clicking on it, go to the main page.
  2.  From the editorial board. An interesting section that serves as a blog. Where articles about the best games are posted, according to the editorial team of the development team.
  3.  Search.
  4.  Stores.
  5.  Applications. This section shows all installed programs on your device, and also shows which game or app you have updated.

Well, what can I say, the developers tried and created something useful and interesting, while putting a lot of effort. And this is all for us, for their users.

Aptoide alternative to Play Market

Advantages of the Aptoide app:

  • Everything in the catalog can be downloaded for free.
  • Apk files are checked for viruses (but it is better to double-check).
  • Large database.
  •  Manually update the apps installed on your device.
  • Convenient search (voice and text).
  • Supports multiple languages.

Cons and disadvantages Aptoide:

  • Not everything is in the catalog.
  • Sometimes the server is overloaded and you can't download the installation file, but this is extremely rare.
  • Built-in advertising. This is certainly not surprising, because advertising is almost everywhere today.
  • There are no reviews of real users for any products, but only a rating. Which can be screwed up.

If you take into account that you do not need to pay anything, and everything that you find can be downloaded for free, then this more than covers all the above listed disadvantages. Accordingly, the app Aptoide on android violates the copyright of some products and therefore it can be blocked at any time. But until this happens, you need to use it to the maximum. By the way, the app has been working since 2014 and can not be overlooked. 
One of the best alternatives to the Aptoide Android games catalog is AC Market. AC Market is undoubtedly also worthy of your attention.
You can download Aptoide apk on your tablet or smartphone on our website.


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