Plants vs. Zombies 3

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Plants vs. Zombies 3 is a continuation of the popular game on android, in which you once again need to conduct a full-scale defense of your site and in no case let the zombies take over your house.

The last two versions of the game did not differ much from each other, only minor improvements, the appearance of donate and a variety of locations. But what did the ELECTRONIC ARTS development team decide to surprise us with this time? What can you add to a game that has been on the market for 6 years, and its gameplay is so simple and monotonous that you can't really think of anything.
Plants vs. Zombies 3 on your tabletAnd now it appears in the free access after passing the test, and begins to surprise gamers with its changes. First, the game received three-dimensional graphics. Secondly, there was some kind of plot. And third, it can now be played online. Which of course should appeal to fans of this game.

Changes in the game, their pros and cons:

1. 3D graphics. With it, the plants began to look quite colorful and exciting. 
2. New and colorful location.
3. There is an animation of the appearance of green defenders from the ground, which creates an extremely impressive effect.
4. Zombies, in comparison with plants turned out a little worse. You can see that they are trying to make every movement in 3d style and they are doing it well, but they still remain the same. (strictly my opinion)
5. The field on the chart was made a little brighter, but strong changes are not particularly visible. The developers have reduced the number of cells on the field, and to be more precise, they have removed one vertical strip. Now instead of 45 cells, it became 40.
6. Now the toy has become vertical. The first two parts of the game, according to the developers, were created for a personal computer and therefore, the field was located horizontally. Since this part is not destined to be released on the PC, and it was developed only for Android and iOS devices, the creators felt that it would be much more convenient to play it.
7. In addition to the usual type of zombies from previous versions, in this part there are new types of them. These are zombie goalkeepers, hairy zombies, slime zombies, bread zombies that summon pigeons and other interesting characters.Plants vs. Zombies 3 on your smartphone
If there is nothing wrong with the previously described changes, then these innovations are unlikely to appeal to gamers:

1. The sun accumulates independently for a certain time.
2. Eliminated plant selection on the level when you see zombies. Now plants are selected before the level starts.
3. The game Plants vs. Zombies 3 is very much like another popular game Clash Royale.
4. To defeat a certain type of zombie, you need to choose your own type of plant.
5. There are no different abilities that you could get for coins.
6. Availability of donate. 
install Plants vs. Zombies 3 on your phoneSumming up, of course, the developers have removed a lot of what users liked in previous parts, but this is supposedly a new version, which means everything should be new. In general, the game is very exciting and it is not that interesting to play, but even just to watch. The game turned out, in my opinion, cool, but with its own shortcomings.

You can download Plants vs. Zombies 3 for android from our website, because the official Google Play app has removed the ability to install it.
Additional Information
Required Android version 4.4+
Latest Update 20.09.2020
Size (Google Play) 79.6 Mb
Age limit 3+

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