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TFT Tactics is an interesting and exciting card strategy game for android, which was published not so long ago and was posted on the Google Play Market. After the release, the toy literally in a matter of days scored more than one million installations and hundreds of positive reviews. And when testing it, there were so many people who wanted to play for at least an hour that the servers were overloaded, and gamers from all over the world had to stand in line. That's the hype.

Teamfight Tactics is not another game in an unknown style, but a project that will be familiar to fans of the League of Legends universe and at the same time, significantly different from any other auto chess game. The game runs in the same launcher as League of Legends, which allows users to enjoy fast loading and excellent graphics. And the graphics in this game are just on top, as well as the soundtrack.  Well, what can I say, the development team of Riot Games, Inc. took a responsible approach to its development and really pleased users with a high-quality toy.
FF Tactics on tabletEach player has their own avatar under control, which is practically useless. You can run around the map, spin on the screen, buy him beautiful skins, but this does not affect the result of the battle. All game actions will be carried out by your subordinate fighters, which you will purchase and carefully store on the bench or place on the battlefield in a specific cell.

Each war has only one ability and a class with its origin. The game party passes quite quickly in time and is divided into certain stages.  Stages, in turn, are divided into several rounds, where you have to fight with real players or with creatures. Before each battle, a certain amount of time is allocated to plan and strategize the battle. In the time allotted to you, you can make a reshuffle or buy the gladiators you need.
download TFT Tactics to your smartphoneBattles take place automatically. Heroes themselves live skills and choose targets to attack. You do not need anything and that's why it autobattle. Depending on the number of survivors at the end of the battle, you deal damage to enemy positions or go into a tough defense. If the avatar's life drops to zero, it disappears. But, and the winner in the party is the one who will outlive all the others.

In the game, you have the opportunity to collect three identical characters and make them one, more powerful silver fighter, and three silver one gold. Externally, the characters also change, become larger and wear the appropriate armor. Combining warriors is automatic, which means that you do not need to put them in one line to reunite or perform other actions.
download TFT Tactics for tabletBefore each round, the fighters are resurrected and their life force is restored. During the intermediate stages, all avatars are teleported to a special zone of happiness and gifts, where you can get a strong fighter for free.

Gold is accumulated by a rather tricky system. You get it for each round, plus extra for winning, plus extra for three consecutive wins and 10% of your total gold.

In general, the toy turned out to be surprisingly exciting and addictive in the gameplay from the first minute. Definitely it deserves special attention and a little free space on your device.

You can download Teamfight Tactics for Android on our website, as well as through the official Google Play Market app.
Additional Information
Required Android version 7.0+
Latest Update 01.01.2021
Size (Google Play) 55.2 Mb
Age limit 12+

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