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Loóna is quite an interesting and useful application for android that will help you completely relax before going to bed and calmly, without the presence of bad thoughts, fall asleep. The program is a calming therapy and helps not only to fall asleep, but also to relax. But I still want to focus on sleep, since it was originally created for this purpose.

Recently, something is happening in our world that affects the pace of your development and nervous perception of everything around you. We became constantly in a zone of unexplained stress and anxiety. Answer the question: "When was the last time you got a full night's sleep?". Few people can boast of a healthy and sound sleep.

Often, before falling asleep, a lot of thoughts, ideas, problems and search for their solutions scroll through our head. Which of course affects the rest. First, we can't sleep for a long time. Secondly, when we wake up, we experience fatigue and irritation from partial lack of sleep. Many began to seek salvation in antidepressants and sleeping pills.
Download Loóna: sleep and relaxation for tabletKnowing this vast problem, the Loona Inc development team decided to create something that will help you relax before going to bed, throwing all bad thoughts into the background. By installing and opening the Loóna app, you will be offered several options for common problems that most people experience when they go to bed:

1. To deal with stress.
2. Feel better.
3. Get rid of anxiety.
4. Calm your thoughts.
5. Fall asleep quickly.

Loóna: sleep and relaxation apkBy selecting one of the options (for example, to quickly fall asleep), you will be presented with a picture that you will need to color it, performing certain actions under a calm melody. Each task will be spoken in a peaceful voice of the announcer, give an assessment of your actions.

Starting to perform certain tasks, the voice coming from your device distracts you as much as possible from the world around you, asking you to make a wish before performing an action, telling fascinating facts and much more. You can scroll, zoom in and zoom out, looking for small details, completing the task. Which simply immerses you as much as possible inside a picture or even a kind of interesting fairy tale. 

The app turned out to be so high-quality and versatile that it can be used as a toy for children. Indeed, this is a fascinating coloring book that you can play with your children before going to bed.
install Loóna: sleep and relaxation on your smartphoneThe developers took their project quite seriously. I am sure that there were many hours of consultations and the help of a single psychologist. All the pictures are worked out in the most detail, soothing pleasant to the ear music and an incredibly calm voice – all this so removes you from reality and creates a sense of peace that if you do not fall asleep during the session, you will definitely be in a good mood.

Play Market called the Loóna app for android “The best and most useful app of 2020”, and by visiting their page in Google Play, you can read a huge number of positive reviews. Of course, there is one drawback here, this development is paid. The user, as an introduction, only three episodes are available for free, and then you need to pay about $ 10.

Summing up, I want to note that now you do not need to close your eyes to count the sheep jumping over the fence to fall asleep. Just install the Loóna app on your tablet or smartphone and enjoy a soothing therapy session. The amount that you can pay for its full version is not so big compared to the price of your healthy sleep.

You can download Loóna: Sleep and Relaxation on our website or through the official Play Market app.

Loóna: sleep and relaxation

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