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When was the last time you sent an SMS from your mobile device? Probably don't even remember, I am for sure. With the advent of applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram, the need for standard SMS is a thing of the past.

Description of WhatsApp Plus app.

The more popular this or that application becomes, the more mods or their analogues appear on the Internet. This wave and such an application as WhatsApp did not pass, many different add-ons were created for it, which its owner does not appreciate, and this is Facebook itself.

WhatsApp Plus on your smartphoneEvery time Facebook company finds servers of a modified version of the program, they block them, without any investigation. The user of the WhatsApp Plus application is also punished by banning the account for 24 hours. After the expiration of the day, the account will be restored only after the removal of the third-party product.

The WhatsApp Plus app is one of the modified versions (GBWhatsApp) that was added to the official Google Play Market games and apps store in 2015. Only millions of users have felt the beauty of this version as it is removed from the catalog. This mod can now be downloaded only from third-party sites on the Internet.
install WhatsApp Plus on your tabletAfter downloading WhatsApp Plus apk file to your gadget, before installing it, you need to uninstall the version of the application that you currently have. Next, start installing the new version and use it for your own pleasure. So what is so interesting for users in this version, and what is not in the standard application? Let's figure it out.

What's special about WhatsApp Plus?

Privacy - this feature allows you to:
  1. Hide online status. Unlike the original messenger, you will see when the user was last online.
  2. Hide blue check marks. When you read the message, no one will know about it.
  3. Hide the second checkbox. If you are online, the sender of the message will not see that his letter has reached you.
  4. Hide status prints. When you write the text, no one will see it.
  5. Hide entry. When you record an audio text, it will not be displayed to the interlocutor.
  6. Hide the blue microphone.

In the settings section, you can change the theme for the application desktop. The selection of themes is simply huge and has more than 1000 varieties.

Customize the title in the chat. In the settings section, select the item "Customization" and you can replace the standard color, at your discretion. In the same section, you can configure the chat functions, transparency mode and an avatar.
Download WhatsApp Plus to your phoneChat list. Click "Customization", the chat list screen and customize everything to your taste. The item "Pop-up notifications" is a pop-up window with a message that is shown to you when new letters arrive. Its appearance can also be customized for yourself.

The rest of the chips: like viewing previously deleted messages, anonymously viewing the statuses of other users, or sending videos, audio files or photos in original quality without compressing them, are not available in the standard version of the application, which attracts people to use WhatsApp Plus.

The function of choosing the text font for messages and inscriptions is available, as well as a large number of emoticons and other various favicons of pictures.

How to download WhatsApp Plus apk?

The pirated version of the client is sometimes blocked and then you will have to look for its update again.

Download the apk file WhatsApp Plus on your tablet or smartphone, you can download it from our website.

In the settings of your mobile device, in the security section, you need to allow installation from an unknown source.
Download the APK file and start the installation. Installing WhatsApp Plus is no different from the original version of the app.

What if you get banned?

If WhatsApp Plus is banned or suspended, you can always use other modified versions of GBWhatsApp (anti-ban protection is worthwhile) or FMWhatsApp. Uninstall the previous version and install another mod.

If the installation does not work, then you need to write to the technical support mail Explain the situation and tell what happened (telling the truth is not necessary, they are all right).

On our website, you can download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus. We are monitoring the release of the update and are trying to upload the new installation file to our server in time.

What if after installing the mod, WhatsApp Plus does not work?

The main mistake of users is that before installing mod versions of WhatsApp, they do not uninstall the official WhatsApp application from their device. The thing is that some ROM files of both applications conflict with each other. Because of this, for example, the mod may work correctly, and the official messenger may work with errors or not load at all. Or vice versa.

Important!!! Before installing mod versions of WhatsApp, be sure to back up your data and media files from the original version of  application.

WhatsApp Plus

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