SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off

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SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off is a colorful cartoon game in which Sponge Bob has to feed the inhabitants of the underwater town of Bikini Bottom. A fascinating and addictive process of culinary madness, will appeal not only to children, but also to the older generation.

The team of developers of Tilting Point decided to please fans of SpongeBob with their next masterpiece. Everyone knows that Nickelodeon is not very good at making games and therefore outsource them. The game supports several languages, but due to problems with fonts, some of the text does not fit into the screen, which is a little frustrating.  
SpongeBob: Cooking Duel on the tabletThe gameplay is extremely simple. Click on the ingredients and the product is prepared, add sauce, powder, tomatoes, salad, and then click on the finished product, and it gets to the buyer. The advantage is that the coins from the rack are collected by themselves. Usually in games of this type, you need to collect money yourself, which often interferes with a normal, dynamic game.

The plot here is original, invented specifically for it. Consumed by a thirst for profit, Krabs suggests that Sponge Bob make a stand with pancakes to make money on breakfast lovers. Pancakes became a successful business, and due to Squidward's oversight, all of us familiar krusty burgers became less tasty and subsequently lost their popularity. 
Install Spongebob: Cooking Duel on your phoneSince the business has started to generate excellent income, you need to expand and add new dishes to the menu. Opening a second restaurant, you will fry burgers and at the same time clean the tables from scraps and dirty dishes. Which adds complexity to the gameplay.

Passing the levels, you earn stars. When the first plot of the game is completed, you will open the next restaurant. So far, there are about seven of them in the game and according to the developers, they plan to add new ones in the future. After completing the first chapter completely, you will open endless levels with different tasks and approximately the same degree of difficulty.

You need to earn not only coins, but also smiles. Smiles are needed to advance through the leagues and climb the tournament ladder in the championship. Sometimes there are events in the game, such as make 500 combos in three hours or in three days to pass 5 levels on a mobile van and other exciting tasks.
Download SpongeBob: Culinary Duel to your smartphoneThe game Spongebob: Krusty Cook-Off has a lot of internal advertising. For viewing it, you can increase the number of coins or smiles received. But its appearance after each level is very annoying. You can fight it in two ways: install an ad blocker or make a minor purchase in the store for real money. Even the smallest purchase, for one dollar, will remove advertising forever.

There is another donate moment, this is the improvement of the kitchen. To improve the kitchen appliances, interior items, shelves and refrigerator for all this you need to pay in coins or diamonds. Diamonds can be earned in various ways: a reward for daily entry, participation in events, tournaments and leagues. If you do not have patience, and you want to immediately pump the kitchen, then you will have to fork out.

In general, the toy turned out to be quite dynamic and exciting. Develop your restaurant, dress your character in different clothes and compete in a duel with other real players around the world.

Download SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off for android on our website or through the official Google Play app.
Additional Information
Required Android version 5.1+
Latest Update 12.12.2020
Size (Google Play) 159M
Age limit 3+

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