Pluto TV app features and description.

Pluto TV is an application for android, through which you can watch 200+ TV channels from different countries and in different languages, 100+ radio stations, 1000+ movies and TV series of different genres and categories.

After downloading the Pluto TV akp file from our website and installing it on your gadget, you will always have a mini cinema with you. Anywhere in your city or country that has Internet access, you can watch news, TV shows, movies, or just listen to music. And for all this, you do not need to pay a single cent. What makes this app simply priceless.
watch free movies and TV seriesWith each update of the app, some channels are removed, and in their place are added channels in English. The program began to include hundreds of popular YouTube channels, which allows you to use video content around the clock.

When you launch Pluto TV, you will be asked to register to open an account and get your login details. This is done so that if something happens, you can contact the support service. An unregistered user will not be able to get technical assistance. Otherwise, there is no difference whether you have an account or not.

How do I use Pluto TV?

When you log in to the app, you will immediately see a list of channels and start a video of one of them. You can pause it or rewind it to the beginning, turn on another channel, or view existing categories. After selecting any of the TV channels, a brief description of the current program or movie will be presented.

In the app settings, the notification function is available, setting which, you will receive a notification about the beginning of a particular TV show. This guarantees that you will not miss the airing of your favorite TV show.

watch movies on your tablet for free

The application interface is simple and easy to use, which will easily allow you to understand its functions. In the lower part of the screen, a list of all channels or movies by category will be displayed, and in the upper area the video player itself is placed, which is extremely convenient for use. 

Pros and cons of the Pluto TV app.

The mobile version of Pluto TV has a compressed functionality in contrast to the browser version. You will not be able to download the movie you are interested in or use the rewind function. Not all new movies or TV shows immediately appear in this application, unlike Cinehub or Showbox, but only after the global distribution. 
download Pluto TV apkFor example, using the Cinehub app for free streaming video, you will only have access to movies, cartoons and TV series. But there are no TV channels and radio in it, which is an absolute advantage of Pluto TV. Each application on android has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is no such thing as everything being in one place.

How do I install Pluto TV on my TV?

If you have a TV developed on the android platform, the Pluto TV app can be used on it. There are several different ways: install it through a third-party program, download it through the built-in browser or download the installation apk file to a personal computer, throw it on a USB flash drive and install it on the TV via the USB port.

The advantage of this application is a huge database of movies, TV channels and radio stations. But its main plus is the price for the use of which is equal to zero. But there is also a minus, this is a large amount of internal advertising.

You can download Pluto TV on your tablet or smartphone on our website or through the official Google Play app.

Pluto TV

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