Sky: Children of the Light

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The game was announced back in 2017 and when testing it, there were so many people who wanted to play that the servers simply fell and the developers had to close access for new gamers. And all we had to do next was just wait for its official release.

Sky: Children of the Light is a multiplayer action game in which you will play the role of an unnamed spirit of light. The main goal of which is to return all the stars home after passing an exciting journey that will be remembered by you with a lot of positive emotions. With this spirit, you will be able to travel to different locations, collect souls and group with other players.Install Sky: Children of Light on your tabletControl in the toy is so simple that it will not be difficult. Your character can only perform a few simple commands, such as run, jump, or take off. Your hero has a magic cape, which will improve if you take the found souls for yourself. An improved version of the cloak, can put a large number of light particles in itself, which will be needed in order for your hero to take off. You will move along the storyline, as well as pump up existing skills, or get new ones.

In the game Sky: Children of Light, the death of the character is not provided, but the level of your cloak acts as an indicator of life force and if the indication of the cape is zero, you will have to start playing again. Your secondary task is to search for different souls. If you find them, the spirits show excerpts from their memories until they die. When interacting with souls, you can give them candles, and in return, they will teach you new gestures or bring you a gift of a new outfit or hairstyle. 

The variety of locations in the game will simply surprise you. All of them are not similar to each other. Here you can fly among the clouds, walk in the rain through the night forest, go to explore the mysterious ruins, as well as descend from the hills like professional snowboarders, visit the very dark dead lands and many other colorful and fascinating places.
download Sky: Children of Light on your smartphoneDuring the passage of the levels, you will also be able to watch the characters of other gamers. All this is thanks to the implementation of a seamless network mode. In the game, you have the opportunity to pass tests in co-op with your friend or friends. To create a group, you just need to approach another player with a candle, thereby establishing a connection with him. There will be levels in which you will not be able to open the door yourself and for this you will need the help of other players.

The graphics in the game are excellent and this despite the fact that there is no photorealistic picture in it and the entire graphic part is built more in the spirit of minimalism. And how cool it looks. In general, I personally do not have any questions about the game environment. Here everything is done just perfectly: lighting, shadows, various weather phenomena, and most importantly, all this is accompanied by good sound. Yes, the soundtrack in the game is also made at the highest level.
Sky: children of the light playing on the phoneThe only disadvantage that the game has is the lack of settings. You will not be able to customize either the graphics or audio components. That solves the possibility of playing it for players who have budget smartphones.

But the main disadvantage is its duration. It's just unrealistically short. If you do not distract from the game, then you can complete it in a few hours. And this is very sad. After passing it, the first thing that comes to mind is “ " When will the second part of the game come out?“.  I hope that the developers are already working on this…
Additional Information
Required Android version 8.0+
Latest Update 28.12.2020
Size (Google Play) 1 018 Mb
Age limit 7+

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