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GTA Vice City

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GTA Vice City is a legend of the gaming industry, which is more than ten years old, and it still has not lost its relevance. You will find a lot of adventures, a lot of missions with shootouts and chases, a huge map of the city, where you will gain your authority and crush the city under your influence.

This toy was developed for the PC and was in the top for a long time. But now it's time for the Rockstar Games development team to adapt it to mobile devices. At the very beginning of its release, the price of the game on the Play Market was only $ 4 and remains to this day. By the way, all versions of GTA are the same, even though GTA Auto 3 or GTA San Andreas, which is not so much for such a game.
Download GTA Vice City for tabletThe plot of the game GTA Vice City on android remained the same and the developers did not change anything. Yes, it is not necessary. Vice City is filled with one group after another, and every gangster wants to break off a tasty piece of cake. Our character named Tony, flew to this city to make a deal with drug couriers. At the time of the transfer of money, an armed attack was made on his team and he managed to escape from there.  

Back at the hotel, he calls his employer, a gangster named Soni, and says that the deal fell through, and the heroin and money were left at the scene of the attempt. Soni is furious and threatens to kill Tony if he doesn't return every last cent. From this moment, the game begins, in which you have to understand the attack and do everything to repay the debt.
install GTA Vice City on your phoneOppressed by duty, Tony begins to perform various tasks that come from Sony and his friends: kill the leader of the group, mine a car, blow up a competitor's building, steal a tank and other missions. With each completed task, you will expand the boundaries of Sonia's influence and help him become the only boss of the city. It is only at the very end that Tony realizes that the boss set him up and the attack when making a deal with drug couriers, it was a clearly planned plan of Sonya. 

The gangster needed someone to do all the dirty work for him. Such a person turned out to be your hero. Realizing the deception, you go to the boss's estate to kill him and thereby take all his influence, business and money for yourself. After all, almost everything he has was made by you. But first you need to get on your feet and earn credibility. In general, the plot is quite fascinating and interesting…
download GTA Vice City cacheWith the passage of tasks, you will have more and more money, with which you can buy mansions, clubs, yachts or an ice cream truck from which drugs will be sold. But that's not all. For example, you can become the owner of a taxi company or a film studio where you will shoot porn or become the owner of a factory.

The further you go and climb the career ladder, the more difficult will be the tasks that you will receive from different bosses. You will have car races, cop chases, murders, and preventive beatings with a hammer. The game will provide you with a full range of fun, robber life that will not let you get bored for a minute.
GTA Vice City apk downloadWell, if you are tired of passing missions, then you can arrange a bloody mess. The more actively you kill police officers and passers-by, the faster the insanity rating will grow, which is displayed by asterisks in the upper right corner. When they all fill up, that's when the fun begins. You are being chased by police, military, and helicopters. Try to hide from them. If it works....

Management in GTA Vice City on the phone, of course less convenient than on the PC, but you can play. The graphics, as for me, have become better, and the soundtrack is unchanged. A variety of weapons and vehicles is not so much, but for this toy is quite enough. 

The developers have added cloud saving and it deserves praise. Now you can play from different devices. At home, for example, you play on a tablet, and at work or school on a smartphone. Cool. The only drawback is that you can only save in the hotel where you rent a room. Therefore, going to play for five minutes is not very practical.

If you haven't played GTA Vice City on android yet, you've lost a lot. Definitely need to play it.
Additional Information
Required Android version 7.0+
Latest Update 06.03.2019
Size (Google Play) 7,3 Mb
Age limit 18+

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