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Video editor is one of the most important tools for editing videos, which is simply necessary for creative work. It doesn't matter if you create your own content for a YouTube channel or a TikTok, but this tool will help you significantly improve or transform it. 

Apply special effects, remove extraneous noise, cut or glue a video, add a song or background melody, and many other features, all this can be done using the program. In the early years of the development of the TikTok social network, videos were simple, without editing and processing. In other words, an amateur video. Today, there are more and more videos with superimposed special effects, competent editing and smooth transitions. All this is the merit of video editors.

Download video editor for Tik Tok
Sometimes the capabilities of internal video editors are not enough and we have to use additional ones.

At the same time, you do not need a computer, but just download and install the video editor on Android. The mobile version of the editor, not much different from the PC version and for quick installation of videos, will do quite well.


Videoshop is a great video editor for android, which has a lot of functionality for video processing. The app has two versions: paid and free. Unlike many similar editors, the free version does not have internal advertising and watermark. Videoshop video editor for Tik TokAll functions for editing and processing videos will have a limited choice, unlike a paid account. The subscription price is $ 4 per month. Features of the Videoshop app for Android:

  • Change the brightness, contrast, and saturation.
  • A large selection of music for which you will not be punished for copyright infringement.
  • Add sound effects. Noise removal.
  • 4 types of transition. Slicing and merging videos.
  • Ability to overlay text on video. Titles and titles. Large font selection and animation. 
  • A variety of themes and filters.
  • Availability of stickers, stickers and gif images.
  • Reverse playback, slow down and speed up the video.
  • Filters for selfie videos.
  • Ability to record your voice and process it.

The app has a simple design and easy navigation. It will not be difficult to understand it, even for a beginner.

Many people are put off by the subscription price, but before you buy a license, install the free version and test it. If you do not have enough of its limited capabilities, then you can think about buying. But I assure you that the features of the trial version will be enough for you.

FilmoraGo Pro

FilmoraGo Pro is a professional video editor for TikTok, which will help you quickly process the video, apply music and special effects. The editor's capabilities are not limited to this. You can send your video content immediately after it is created directly to social networks or YouTube.
Download video editor for YouTubeFeatures of the FilmoraGo Pro app for Android:

  • Huge selection of themes.
  • Many different stickers.
  • More than 10 types of transitions.
  • Superimpose labels on videos, select the font and its color, add shadows to words.
  • Large selection of titles and titles. Change their display and movement.
  • More than 20 special effects.
  • Ability to add your own images.
  • Crop and glue videos.
  • Overlay and remove the background sound. Adjust the audio volume in the video.
  • Delete an audio track or overlay multiple tracks.

If you compare it with the computer version, the functionality of the mobile version is not inferior in quality and capabilities. The app is available in two versions: a paid Pro version and a free one.  Here you can download the Pro version for free.

Using the FilmoraGo Pro app for android, you can easily create videos for your YouTube channel. Ego capabilities fully allow it. I used it on a PC and know its capabilities firsthand. 

What content can be processed in them? Yes, any one. Create slides, videos, or clips, whatever you want.

Sometimes you don't need to come up with something for a YouTube channel, just take someone else's videos, cut them, add transitions, effects, and that's it. YouTube algorithms check for uniqueness only videos longer than 30 seconds. That is, if you take any video and cut a piece from it for less than 30 seconds and connect it to another part from another video, and so on, then it will be unique. So they make cuts with jokes, and then fill in their channel, show it and collect subscribers.

Not all video editors are universal and there are cases that one can do, the other is deprived of this function. Therefore, you need to have multiple apps on your device. It all depends on how seriously you decided to take up video content.

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