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Genshin Impact is one of the most anticipated open-world RPG games on android. The toy is created in the style of anime, has excellent graphics and an interesting plot.

After its release, the world of gamers was divided into two camps. Some say that this is the best game that has been released recently, while others have taken the opposite side and accuse the developers of plagiarism.  But, anyway, the game is definitely worthy of attention and turned out to be quite high-quality.
Download Genshin Impact smartphoneThe main advantage of Genshin Impact on android is the plot. It was partly borrowed from the Japanese brainchild of Legend of Zelda, which was developed on the Nintendo console. 

Events will take place in a magical world, where you play the role of a traveler who has lost touch with his loved ones and knows almost nothing about this mysterious land. However, a good-natured little creature, is called upon to help him. Together with him, you will go on a journey full of adventures and dangers, go through a series of battles and encounter other magical creatures.

The main territory of this world is divided among seven city-states. Two of which you can visit at the beginning of the game. A total of thirty characters will be available in the game, with differences in strength, abilities, weapons and magic. The powers of magic are based on seven natural elements: water, earth, air, fire, lightning, and so on.
install Genshin Impact on your tabletThe level of your character, you can increase by absorbing knowledge from special books. Which have their own specific level of quality. Naturally, the higher the quality, the more experience and abilities you get. For each hero, you can upgrade weapons, talents, and artifacts that act as clothing.

Play Genshin Impact on your tablet, just a pleasure. The quality and drawing of open world objects is sometimes amazing, the color scheme turned out to be juicy and colorful. Sometimes I just walked up to the cliff and admired the view of nature before me. Another advantage is the change of time of day and different weather conditions, which are constantly changing. Fields, rocks, waterfalls look very impressive, and the cities are absolutely stunning works of art.
play Genshin Impact on your phoneThe game process is so interesting, diverse and exciting that time does not fly noticeably. A small example. When you receive tasks in the city, you go on a journey through the portal. Along the way, to which you encounter a camp of robbers, defeating them, your character receives a reward in the form of a chest and experience.

Next, go further and come across the mushrooms that you need for some recipe. Collect them, and then fall into another trap. You fight, you win, you get a reward, and now two hours have passed, and you have not reached the plot point, which is only three hundred meters from the starting point.

The toy just litters the entire map with some activities that are very difficult to pass by. Plus, the battles themselves in the game are a lot of fun. All of them are both simple and interesting.

The control is quite easy. There are three buttons for attack: this is an auto attack of two types and two skills. Heroes with different elements of magic are not present here for beauty, but are really necessary and important for the game. With their help, you will not only win battles, but also find a solution to various puzzles, which are the highlight of this game.
how to download Genshin Impact for androidThe main disadvantage of the game is donate. It's just everywhere, weapons, artifacts, and pumping the heroes themselves. Inside the game, there is a store that has its own currency. You can earn it yourself during the game, but it is long and difficult. So, if you like the game, and you want to play it again and again, then you need to pay.

The second disadvantage is the size of the game. Not much is not enough, and this is more than seven gigabytes. 

In the end. Genshin Impact is a game for android with very beautiful graphics, a fascinating story and interesting gameplay. You can download it on our website or using the Google Play Market app.
Additional Information
Required Android version 5.0+
Latest Update 11.12.2020
Size (Google Play) 328 Mb
Age limit 12+

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