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How much do you like to watch movies online for free? We all want in our lives more entertainment, joyful moments or a little adrenaline to shake up the emotions and therefore, immerse ourselves in watching comedies, dramas, action movies or horror.

Today, the film industry is one of the most developed areas: some make films, earning huge amounts of money, while others are eager to take a bite of the pie from this table. Since the latter do not have the budget, opportunities and connections to make films, they simply place media content on their resources and earn money from advertising.


Putlocker is one of the UK's most popular websites, hosting thousands of movies and TV shows for free viewing. It dates back to 2012 and is one of the most visited web resources in the world.
Putlocker movies online freeMillions of users watched movies on it without any problems until one moment. In 2016, during the rental of the film "Detpool", one guy downloaded this movie from Putlocker and posted it on his Facebook page. On the Social network, it was viewed more than 6 million times and it did not go unnoticed.

When the owner of the rights to “Detpool”, calculated what losses he suffered because of the leak of the film, which got to Facebook, began to calculate the source. On site Putlocker, a lawsuit was filed in the court, the distribution of content that has a copyright. Accordingly, the owner of the site lost the court, and the resource was closed. And then the fun begins.

The owners of film industry companies began to search for similar sites and mobile applications on the Internet that illegally show films, and close them one by one through the courts.

The famous android app ShowBox and the iOS app MovieBox came under this pressure. All of them were closed, but then revived under other addresses and names. So the story began, when the resources for free online movie viewing went into the shadows.

Who would have thought that the act of one person, downloading and posting a movie on social networks, would ruin the lives of dozens of sites and applications.

Today, the Putlocker site is forced to constantly hide and change its addresses. By the way, at the peak of its fame, the media resource created and released the Putlocker app for Android. But it never managed to gain popularity among users.

One thing begets another.

After the huge success of Putlocker, clones of it appeared on the network, which also quickly gained their audience. The same thing happened with android apps.


The 123Movies website is a good alternative to Putlocker, which allows you to watch movies online and download them to your device.  
123Movies watch movies freeYou do not need to pass mandatory registration or make monthly contributions. Just go to the site, enter what you want to see in the search bar, and that's it. A huge number of streaming videos of the highest quality from HD to 4K.

The site has a search filter by genre, year of release, country, and content type. The owner of the resource also created an application for android 123Movies, which, like the Putlocker application, did not have time to please its users.

As I wrote earlier, these sites earn money from displaying ads. It will appear every time you go to a new page. You will not find a permanent address for 123Movies. Due to their blocking by the authorities, the extension changes frequently: 123Movies.bi, 123Movies.co, 123Movies.org and so on.

This is all due to the same copyright violations for watching 123Movies movies online for free.


The FMovies website will be a great alternative to 123Movies or Putlocker when they are temporarily blocked, and not only. Its popularity has gained due to the rapid addition of all new products on its pages.
Fmovies free movies onlineA large selection of movies and TV series of different genres and categories. Comedies, dramas, horror, action movies, cartoons and much more will be available to you for free viewing. You are given a choice of the quality of the movie and the ability to download it to your device for further viewing in offline mode.

No registration required, a huge catalog of movies from both Hollywood and Bollywood producers. Free FMovies online, anyone can watch.

I will not reveal anything new to you, but as I mentioned earlier, the FMovies site, like its other analogues, violates a number of copyrights and is not legal. Therefore, it does not have a permanent address.

If all this is not legal and does not have its own working applications on android, then what is the use of this article?

It's simple. Few people think about or even look for those applications that are closely related to these resources. Yes, they all used to have their own apps, but do they work? Did someone check it out? Hardly. I'm sure you haven't even heard of them.

Do you want to watch movies online for free on your TV? If it is developed on the android system platform, then it is quite real. You just need to download and install the BeeTV or Cinema HD app on your TV. Both of these apps take their content from a streaming source, such as SolarMovie, GoMovies, 123Movies,Putlocker, FMovies, and other popular resources.
Apps watch movies freeYou no longer need to constantly think about where the site moved after it was blocked and what its new address is. No need to search for the official website of 123Movies, Putlocker or FMovies. Just install two apps and that's it.

These applications allow you to not only watch movies online, but also download them, choose the video quality, file size, and use subtitles. Which, as for me, is a little more than these sites offer.

You can use them not only on the TV, but also install them on a tablet or smartphone. Download and install the android emulator on a PC, I do not see the point. If there are sites. But for android, this is another matter.

I do not force you to use all of the above, since the article contains only informative content. The sites violate the law of some countries and the rights of the copyright holder, which means that it is up to you to use them or not.

If you don't want to pay to watch movies online, you can use the services of apps that are legal. This is TubiTV or Crackle. In addition, they also have official websites where you can enjoy watching movies of pictures without any difficulties. I do not dispute that they have their disadvantages and new items appear here with a delay of a month, but they are quite legal and free.

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