DC Battle Arena

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DC Battle Arena is a colorful action game in which you will take control of the most famous heroes and villains from the DC comics universe. Among them are Batman, The Joker, The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and other famous characters.

At the time of writing this review, there were 13 different characters available in the game. Get any hero or villain, it will not be difficult. They can be obtained for daily activity.
Download DC Battle Arena for tabletEach of the available fighters has unique abilities, combat skills and deadly combinations of blows. You can demonstrate their skills in several online modes, as well as a variety of pumping combat hero is available.

The battles involve three teams consisting of two players. The game is more reminiscent of Zooba: Animal Battle or the equally popular Brawl Stars toy.

The game map can accommodate up to six players, and coins and points of replenishment of ultimate abilities are scattered around its location. There are also all sorts of obstacles and bushes. From which, as for me, there is practically no benefit. With the appearance of your character on the map, you immediately engage in combat with other players.
DC Battle Arena apkThe control scheme consists of a joystick responsible for the movement of the character and four functional buttons:

  • The button responsible for the basic attack.
  • Auxiliary functions.
  • An active skill.
  • Ultimate abilities. A super hit.

As for the super strike button, it needs to be systematically charged, which is not very convenient during the battle. Speaking of auxiliary functions, it is worth noting the seed skill tokens, which will randomly fall out to you when you reach the limit of accumulated gold.

The main goal of the match is to collect as much gold as possible in a certain time. Not only to accumulate it, you also need to save it. After all, if your hero is killed during the battle, then all the gold you collect will be divided among the remaining players.
install DC Battle Arena on your smartphoneWhen you start the game, you will have three lives. If you lose them, you completely leave the game map. While occupying a certain rank. Sort of, it's a mix of battle royale and moba games.

If you want to dominate your enemies, then you need to improve your character. Improvements can be obtained both in the course of battles, performing various tasks, and for donate.

In conclusion, we can say that the company has made a colorful project that can compete with many similar games. The only drawback of the game, of course, is donate. Without it, leveling the character becomes difficult, which means that it will be extremely difficult to win battles.
You can download DC Battle Arena for android from our website. The game was removed from the Play Market for some reason, but we hope that it will still appear there.
Additional Information
Required Android version 5.0+
Latest Update 01.02.2021
Size (Google Play) 82.6 Mb
Age limit 7+
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