Dragon Raja is a new generation android game. You will find an open world full of adventures, battles and exciting life among the characters of the college. Incredibly beautiful graphics, a lively atmosphere and a well-thought-out game world. Millions of fans and gamers from all over the world, will not let you get bored in it.
Install Dragon Raja on your smartphoneThe beginning of Dragon Raja, like most similar games, begins with the creation of a character. There are four classes available in the game without reference to gender:

  1. Master of the sword, will allow you to feel like an invincible warrior with a lot of health and decent damage.
  2. The archer we are used to, here was replaced by an archer. All the same long-range combat, but instead of bows and arrows, you will have all sorts of pistols and miniguns in your arsenal.
  3. The most incomprehensible role was given to the assassins. This is a kind of mago-killer that can deal damage, both in the distance and when approaching the enemy.
  4. Dancer of the soul. A charming fighter with a powerful base damage.
Dragon Raja apkYou can choose the gender of the character, there are three of them: a guy, a girl and a spirit (Loli). The latter refer to little girls, who are very popular with fat and sweaty men. Of course, if you believe a reliable source. If you are a fan of anime to the core, then the choice is obvious.

Once you have decided on the character selection, you will be sent to the character body creation menu. Here you can create your ideal or give free rein to your imagination.

The main action of the game takes place around the location of Cassel College. It contains the bulk of different game characters and all sorts of institutions. These characters will tell you where to choose quests for other locations, direct you to the dungeon, and also help you in your career and personal growth.

The developer of the game assured its users about the limitless open world, but this is not quite true. Borders in the game Dragon Raja on android are still present.
Download Dragon Raja to your tabletThe game has a donate. Well, where without it… Many will say that this is a minus, and of course some of them will be right. In general, donate does not affect the level of the game, it is more focused on the appearance of the characters here. In the store, you can buy various items, growth points and different game sets. To be honest, all this can be obtained in the game for free, just by playing it.

The game has a fast movement mode, both in the air and on the walls of any texture. This feature is not available in most similar developments.

You can choose your character's profession and move up the career ladder. For example, a singer or a dancer. You can become a sculptor, make fakes and sell them for diamonds in your own online store.
play Dragon Raja on androidAnother plus that I liked is the interaction with any item in the game. You can swing on the swing, watch a movie, play the guitar, run on the treadmill and much more. Very high-quality implemented social activity of the player, allows him to join clubs, get a pet or meet a girlfriend, start a relationship and get married.

Dragon Raja has developed mini-games in which you can participate in various quizzes, get a tamagotchi, play basketball, race and many other entertainment.

When you enter Dragon Raja, the effect of delight is triggered and you don't even know where to start. This means that the game is more than exciting and worthy of your attention.

You can download Dragon Raja on your smartphone or tablet on our website. Or by using the official Play Market app.

Dragon Raja

Total ratings: 4
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Required Android version 5.0+
Latest Update 08.02.2021
Size (Google Play) 66 Mb
Age limit 12+

How to install the cache for game

1) Download and install the APK.

2) Allow installation from unknown sources.

3) Download and unzip the cache folder to / Android / obb /.

It should look like this / Android / obb / cache_folder / * obb file.

4) Start the game!

For more information on how to install the cache, see here.

Dragon Raja cache
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