Tik Tok is a multimedia entertainment, music application.

The Chinese once again impressed with their resourcefulness and ingenuity. Not only did they take over the world with their products, they also took over the Internet. A unique application with short videos averaging one minute, drove the entire population of the world crazy. Even the lazy one began to shoot videos and spread them on Tik Tok.Tik Tok on a tabletWe can say that the idea of shooting short videos is not very brilliant, but no one thought about it. And here on the market there is a tick Tok and for example such a giant as YouTube almost choked. The traffic that was collected by YouTube for 10 years, Tick Tok gained in just a year of its existence. And that's saying something. This is a global social network guys…

The videos on Tik Tok are mostly of an entertainment nature. Bloggers shoot funny short films and post them on their channel. Unlike YouTube, they do not need to promote their videos, the app instantly puts them in the recommended ones and if this video is watched and liked, then it gets to the top. In the application, you can edit your videos, add songs to them, edit them, and many other different features.Tik Tok on your phoneSome novice bloggers, with the help of a few videos, collect a huge number of subscribers in a short period of time. And this is not surprising. More than one and a half billion users…

But on Tiktok for Android, there are not only funny videos, but also informative, educational videos and many other areas. And some just shoot their Pets and their lives and gain millions of views and the same number of subscribers. And from that, I was just shocked.

Celebrities from Instagram, such as Comedy or stand-Up residents, have moved there and are also promoting themselves by gaining subscribers. I can't even imagine how many different videos with challenges, songs, dances, parodies and other types are uploaded there every day.

If you decide to seriously engage in video blogging, then you need a professional video editor that can remove unnecessary background, add special effects or edit the video. Unfortunately, the editor in TikTok will not be able to give you the same quality and effect as the video editors that I have prepared for you. You can read and download them here.
Tik Tok for freeEven today, driving through my city, I saw the girls dancing a parody, that is, challenges for Tik Tok. He is just now there in the trend). How do I know that? So I often sit in it myself).

In the end. The Chinese have done well, created the TikTok app for Android and the people are very happy. But what else is needed? Yes, for the most part, nothing.... Laughter prolongs our lives…

You can read about how to use a VPN for TikTok correctly in this article... VPN on android for TikTok.

TikTok for Android can also be downloaded from the Official Play Market app.

Live happily ever after)))….


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