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One of the well-known research companies has published a ranking of the most downloaded applications in 2021. Compared to last year, some of the well-known applications have significantly lost their positions, and their place is taken by more innovative developments. Time does not stand still, and the time of monopoly is a thing of the apps for android 2021All data presented in the article are approximate, and the numerical value indicates the number of downloads and installations per month. Let's figure out what these applications are, why they are popular and what function they perform.


Telegram is a messenger for free communication among friends and family. It gained its popularity due to encryption of personal data of its users and the promise of developers not to disclose personal information.
telegram messenger for androidThe developer of Telegram is Pavel Durov, who is the creator of one of the earliest and most popular social networks Vkontakte. Today, the average app downloads are 63 million a month.


TikTok is a wonderful development from a Chinese company. The very idea of creating short videos and their distribution, so hooked young people that in a short time this application became a full-fledged social network and had more than a billion users in its first year of existence.
TikTok For AndroidThe app was the leader in the number of installations for almost two years. But entertainment is one thing, and personal information and correspondence is another. And here it is not surprising why the messenger got the first place. Last year, the number of monthly installs was 64 million, but today it is 62 million.


One of the fastest growing and most popular messengers. It began to gain its popularity when it was advertised by Elon Musk himself as one of the safest and most secure messengers today.
Signal messenger for androidThis is a rapidly growing company, which in my opinion will be bought by Facebook very soon, and for some reason I have no doubt about it. Has 61 million monthly installs today.


This social network has held the leading position for many years. The program was originally installed among standard applications in the new smartphone.
Facebook apk androidThis tells us that as soon as we buy and turn on our brand new phone, we are simply forced to use Facebook. And over time, using this social network became just a habit. Rating - 58 million downloads per month.


WhatsApp is a typical messenger that, at the peak of its popularity, was bought by the global giant Facebook. By the way, due to the new rules for the management of personal information of their users, which can be made publicly available, most of the users switched to the Telegram and Signal applications.
WhatsApp apk for androidI think that it was this WhatsApp update that prompted people to leave this app and find something more conservative. If we remove all clones and extensions of this application, such as WhatsApp PlusGBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp and other pirated versions, then the number of installations would probably be more than 52 million.


When this project was first published, no one really believed in it. Well, what kind of madman would put his photos in the public domain ???? And as it turned out, in the end, there were millions of people who wanted to ... And it was a success ... Everyone wanted to get on the page on the Internet.
Instagram on androidAfter a successful debut, the project was developed for smartphones and iPhones. Then safely sold ... And guess who ??? That's right, Facebook. This year, Instagram has 46 million installs per month.


Application for online conference. ZOOM gained its popularity mainly due to the quarantine associated with COVID 19. All schools were closed, and work smoothly went online.
ZOOM apk on your smartphoneUnlike Skype we are used to, ZOOM provides more advanced functionality and more free features. The number of installations of this application is just over 41 million.

MX Taka Tak.

MX Taka Tak is the Indian counterpart of the popular video hosting TikTok. The application is quite new and has almost the same functionality as its predecessor.
MX Taka Tak messengerConsidering that India is home to two billion people, then 36 million monthly installs is not such a big number. Enjoy lots of music and funny videos.


A mobile application that allows you to exchange messages with your friends, send funny videos using different masks.
Snapchat messenger apkSnapchat was announced in 2011 and still has a huge following worldwide. The numbers speak for themselves, with an average of 31 million installs per month.


Messenger is another Facebook development that was originally designed as a mobile version of the main site.
messenger for androidAfter the successful launch of WhatsApp, the exact direction was taken in which direction to develop the Messenger application. The number of monthly installs is approximately 29 million.

As for WeChat and YouTube, these apps decrease the number of downloads and installations every year. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they are simply not removed from their smartphones. The number of their monthly installs is over 20 million.

Perhaps WeChat is losing its relevance and giving way to younger apps like Telegram and Signal.
If you look at the revenue of YouTube, which is only growing every year, then to say that it is losing its position and its popularity is at least silly.
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