Download GB WhatsApp apk 2021 official version.

Today, almost every second phone has the original WhatsApp application. But not everyone knows about the existence of its modified versions, which have several advantages and more advanced functionality.

Description of GBWhatsApp (GBWA) app.

Messengers have become so tightly embedded in our lives that if you look at the rating of the most downloaded applications on Android, you will see 6 messengers and 4 social networks out of 10 presented in the list of applications.

Download GBWhatsApp to smartphone
The official developer of the WhatsApp messenger very much dislikes modifications due to one essential feature, namely Privacy. Therefore, users who used one of the five modified versions were blocked or banned for an indefinite period.

GBWhatsApp (GBWA) is a reliable and, in my opinion, the most successful version of the application, which has protection against users getting banned. If you can only have one account using the official version of WhatsApp, then GB WhatsApp provides the ability to use several accounts at the same time.

You need to download GB WhatsApp for free on your Android from our website or find the installation file of the application on the Internet.

When you download and install GB WhatsApp apk on your gadget, your messenger will sparkle with new colors.

WhatsApp GB - Complete Privacy & Enhanced Security

Additional features of GB WhatsApp (GBWA):

  1. Sending messages to up to 100 users (in the official version, you can send a message to only five friends or acquaintances at a time).
  2. If a message has been sent to you, the sender will not be able to delete it.
  3. The limitation in sending file sizes has been removed (you can send not only photos and videos, but also music, clips and even movies).
  4. You don't need to download media files to your device, just watch them from the server. If you liked something, download it, and if not, then don't clutter up your phone's memory. (Very handy. The phone was constantly turning into a trash heap when using the official version of WhatsApp, and you had to clean the memory every time.)
  5. Advanced privacy and security functionality.
  6. The ability to customize the theme yourself. Want a dark or light theme, or customize the theme to your liking.
  7. The ability to use different fonts for messages has appeared.
  8. Writing status just got easier.
  9. Hide your Online status if you don't want other users to see that you are online.
  10. Ability to hide viewing messages. The person who sent you a message will not see that you have read it.

GB WhatsApp features
I probably will not be able to put all the new functions of the GBWhatsApp application in one article. It's better to download it once and try it than you will read or watch the video ten times.

How to download GB WhatsApp apk?

Everything is simple here. In the settings of your phone, you need to check the box «Allow installation from unknown sources» (Everything that is outside the Google Play Market, this is an unknown source for our device). Further.

Download Whatsapp GB apk file to your gadget and start installing it. The file will be automatically unpacked and installed. The application icon will appear on the screen. Click on it, enter your phone number and use it.

What to do if WhatsApp GB has stopped working?

This happens unfortunately. As I said earlier, the official WhatsApp developer is opposed to the existence of modified versions and in every possible way blocks them when detected. But you don't need to panic. Installing FMWhatsApp is the same. When one of these versions is blocked, swap them.

Install GBWhatsApp on Android
Alternatively, the second most popular analogue of WhatsApp Plus. Its functionality and capabilities are almost the same as that of GBWhatsApp, but it doesn't have user antiblocking.

Facebook has hinted in connection with the latest policy update and amendment to the old rules that it may share your data with third parties. This only increased the churn of users to other messengers such as Telegram, Signal, or the use of modified versions of WhatsApp.

GB WhatsApp APK

At the time of this writing, this is the only mode that doesn't require deleting the official WhatsApp. Just download and install GB WhatsApp apk on your gadget, turn it on, enter your WhatsApp login details and use it. GB WhatsApp is installed and lays down on top of the original.

The application is constantly being improved, various innovations and additions are made, so it's often updated. If you are chasing something new, then you need to constantly monitor the release of the new version of GB WhatsApp. And if you are satisfied with the functionality of the version that you are using at the moment, then you can change it as you wish or if possible.

The modified versions outperformed the original WhatsApp app, but there is one unmatched feature so far. This is the ability to use the messenger on the computer.

WhatsApp has developed the WhatsApp Web program, which allows users to install it on Windows and communicate through the installed program from a PC. This is very convenient if you spend most of your time at a laptop or computer.

Frequently asked questions and answers to them:

Is GB WhatsApp safe?

Using GBWhatsApp is completely safe. This is just a modified version of the WhatsApp messenger, it is not a virus. This has been proven by millions of people who have installed the app and enjoy using it on a daily basis.

How to download the latest version of GB WhatsApp?

We try to keep track of the latest versions and update the installation file in time. All you need to do is go to the download page and download the APK file from our website.

Why do I need to update GBWhatsApp to the latest version?

The WhatsApp GB developers care about the safety of their users and are constantly improving the system of protection against fraudulent loopholes.

The WhatsApp app has a number of security flaws and holes that are being addressed and addressed by the cybersecurity department. After these findings are published reports. As you know, GBWhatsApp is created on the platform of the official version, and its creators are also trying to eliminate these loopholes.

Which is better, WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp?

There is no exact answer to this question. Everyone decides for himself which functionality is more convenient or in demand for him. Mod versions are almost always better than the originals, as they are user-generated. In addition, due to the recent changes in the WhatsApp policy and the collection with the transfer of your personal data to other social networks, the GBWhatsApp messenger has nothing to do with this and is unlikely to do so.

What to do if your GBWhatsApp account is blocked?

This is almost impossible, since this mod has protection against blocking accounts or getting them banned. If the development team of the official WhatsApp application finds a loophole on how to block users of the GB WhatsApp mod version, then it will not be for long.

You will need to uninstall GB WhatsApp from your device and install another WhatsApp mod. After the release of a new version of WhatsApp GB, in which most likely changes will be made, install it again.


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