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FM WhatsApp is one of the five best modifications of the popular WhatsApp messenger.

Description of FMWhatsApp app.

If you think that something is missing when using the original version of WhatsApp, or you want to add something new, then you need to download WhatsApp FM to your mobile device.

The FMWhatsApp application for Android has a number of additional functions that a new user will definitely like, and which the original version definitely does not have. And this is not surprising, the mods are almost always better than the original, and this is a fact.

download FMWhatsApp to tablet
You will not find the WhatsApp FM messenger in the Google Play Store catalog, since it is a mod, and Facebook is fiercely fighting illegal counterparts of its products. Previously, when GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus services were detected, users were simply blocked, but over time, enthusiastic developers have found ways to bypass this block. And this made them even more popular and demanded development.

FM WhatsApp features and functions

Privacy and security:

  1. Hide the last visit.
  2. Selection of subscribers who can call you.
  3. Hide viewing statuses (subscribers will not be able to see that you have viewed their statuses).
  4. Anti deletion of statuses. All deleted statuses are remembered in history.
  5. Anti-deletion of messages (if a user deletes a previously written message, then you can all read it exactly).
  6. Various manipulations with blue check marks.

FMWhatsApp to smartphone
Basic settings.

  1. Send photos in the best quality. (In the original version of WhatsApp, all photos were compressed, thereby losing a certain quality).
  2. Increase the limit for sending messages. (Will allow you to send files with a total size of up to 700 megabytes).
  3. Send videos in the best quality (In the original version, the video was compressed up to 80%).
  4. Hide media from gallery (If you do not want your phone to be littered with various garbage, then by enabling this function, all media will be saved on the server).
  5. The ability to send messages at once up to 300 chats. (But if a lot of people complain about your messages, then this feature will be blocked for you).
  6. Sending the self-deleting message (As soon as the user you sent the message to reads it, it is deleted).
  7. There is an opportunity for self-renewal. (If you do not want to constantly download new versions of FMWhatsApp, then this function was created just for you).
  8. Huge selection of icons for your WhatsApp FM that will be displayed on your screen.
  9. Large selection of themes that you can download or create yourself.
Recovery. Here you can restore all correspondence or download a previously saved history on a cloud server.

The rest of the functions, in my opinion, are pointless and quickly get bored. Therefore, I propose to get acquainted with them personally.

WhatsApp FM download

How to download FM WhatsApp?

Downloading the FM WhatsApp apk file will not work with the Play Market, so there is only one option left, these are third-party resources.

Once you have downloaded the Apk file, you need to go to downloads and start installation. Sometimes when downloading files, a pop-up window may appear with permission to download from an unknown source. You need to check the “Allow” box.

When the installation is over, and it lasts less than a minute, you need to provide your phone number to register in the system. This is a standard procedure and is similar to the original version of WhatsApp.

FM WhatsApp - Is it Safe?

I cannot say 100% that it is safe, but during the time that I used it (which is almost six months), I had no problems with the Android FM WhatsApp application. My friends and acquaintances also use this mod, and everything worked fine for them and without interruptions.

If you are worried that after installing the FM WhatsApp application, your account of the official messenger will be blocked, then you do not need to worry about it. The latest versions of FM WhatsApp are completely protected from blocking, as they have an anti-ban function. You can confidently download FMWhatsApp apk from our website and use it for your pleasure.

What to do if FM WhatsApp is blocked?

The WhatsApp FM app has built-in anti-blocking protection (anti-ban), but there were cases when the user was still blocked.

You just need to uninstall the old version of FMWhatsApp and install the new one. If this does not help, then install GBWhatsApp, and after a few days try to install FMWA again.

It is a great alternative to the standard WhatsApp messenger. The only thing that FMWhatsApp is inferior to the original version of the application is that you cannot install it on a PC. The same cannot be said about WhatsApp Web online, which can be used both through a browser and installed on a personal computer.

Why use FM WhatsApp when there is an official WhatsApp?

Every day, the demand for using the WhatsApp messenger is growing and not everyone has enough of the functions that the original application provides.

Mod developers always listen to the opinions of their users and try to satisfy all their needs. And for this they make different additions in each update. They are always open to chatting and getting interesting ideas from you, which the WhatsApp developers do not have.

  1. Block calls from unknown numbers.
  2. Disable video calling.
  3. Block private messages, as well as access to FM WhatsApp itself on your device.
  4. Hide your online status (Now your parents will not be able to see that you are on FM WhatsApp at night).
  5. Experiment with the look: lots of themes, colors, icons and fonts.
  6. Use up to 100 chats at once, and also create an individual design for them.
  7. Send files of any format, up to 700 megabytes at a time.

Perhaps you are missing anonymity or additional settings in the official WhatsApp, then FM WhatsApp may be what you are looking for.

How to download and install FM WhatsApp on PC?

There is only one way to do it. You need to install an android emulator on your PC. Next, download and install the installation file through the emulator and use it like on a smartphone.

Unfortunately FM WhatsApp does not have the same functionality as WhatsApp Web, but we hope that it will appear soon.

Attention!!! Before installing modified versions of WhatsApp, be it WhatsApp Plus, FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp or another mod, you definitely need to back up all media files and messages. Without these actions, the installation of mod versions is not desirable.

FM WhatsApp

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Required Android version 4.0.3+
Latest Update 06.09.2021
Size (Google Play) 50 Mb
Age limit 7+
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