Top 3 best WhatsApp mods.

From WhatsApp to mod versions.

Over the past few years, social media has become a part of our daily life. We cannot even imagine even a few days without them. Chatting with friends, watching videos, business messages, sharing pictures and photos, voice messages, all this is given to us by instant messengers for free.

The social network Facebook, having bought the WhatsApp messenger, has become an even more influential company and has gathered billions of users around it. WhatsApp has held the leading position in terms of the number of installations for more than two years, with Telegram becoming the next app in second place.
Which WhatsApp mod is best?At the peak of WhatsApp's popularity, as it happens, its imitators appeared, or, to put it another way, its modified versions, which surpassed the original version in terms of the set of tools, the number of settings and functionality.

The first such mod was WhatsApp Plus, which, after its release, was presented to the general public in the official Google Play Market application. He immediately fell in love with users due to the ability to change themes, choose a different font for messages, the presence of various settings and other functions that WhatsApp did not have.

The excitement among WhatsApp Plus was serious and, accordingly, rumors about it reached Facebook. He, in turn, wrote a complaint to the Play Market and WhatsApp Plus was removed from his catalog. This is how the shadow life of mods and their development begins.

WhatsApp Plus and its features.

Download WhatsApp Plus
  • Shadow function. Hides the online status.
  • Disable the blue checkmark. Users will not see that you have read the message.
  • Option to disable the single checkbox that indicates that the message has been received.
  • Turn off the notification that you are recording a voice message or typing text.
  • You can view other people's statuses, and the user will not know about it.
  • The maximum sending of files in a message is no more than 50 Mb.
  • Ability to read messages that were deleted by the sender.
  • More than 1000 different themes to design your desktop.
  • The presence of almost all existing fonts that will decorate your text.
  • A huge number of stickers and icons.

The above is just less than half of the capabilities that WhatsApp Plus has. The rest of the functions need to be configured individually.

Mod version of GBWhatsApp.

The GBWhatsApp application ranks second among the modified programs developed on the WhatsApp messenger platform. Its developers were the first to create protection against blocking a user account.
Download GBWhatsAppWhen WhatsApp Plus went into the shadows, people continued to download it on third-party sites and use it for its intended purpose. Then the technical department of Facebook began to monitor the mod's servers and block them. And the people who used it were banned. To get out of the ban, you had to remove the pirated application and wait 24 hours.

GBWhatsApp and its capabilities.

  • Invisibility function. Allows the user to remain in anonymous mode.
  • See information in groups, and no one will know about it.
  • Send a message to up to 100 users at a time.
  • Videos and photos are no longer compressed and are sent in their original format.
  • Transfer files up to 100Mb.
  • Added the "Answering machine" function.
  • For creative people, it is possible to send their themes, emoticons and statuses directly to the developers so that they can add them to the application list.
  • Updating the graphical shell.
  • Anti-deletion of messages. Ability to recover deleted text or video.
  • No need to download content to your phone, read or watch it directly from the server.

As with WhatsApp Plus, I will not list the internal settings of GBWhatsApp. Each of them needs to be customized for yourself. Someone considers them cool and necessary, and someone does not use them at all.

FMWhatsApp. New opportunities.

FMWhatsApp has more advanced features than its predecessors. If GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus is designed more for stealth, then this mod includes anti-stealth. Here they are already beginning to measure their possibilities among themselves. Well, in general, they have one function - communication.
Download FMWhatsApp

FMWhatsApp and its functions.

  • The ability to hide deleted messages so that others cannot recover and read them.
  • A new type of user data encryption. Which makes the bias towards safety.
  • Send up to 80 photos at a time.
  • The number of characters in the message has been increased to 1000.
  • The size of the file to be sent at a time should not exceed 150Mb.
  • Checkbox manipulation. Hide, clean and read.
  • The number of characters for the status has been expanded to 255.
  •  Built-in protection against account ban.
  • More emojis and stickers. At the same time, they are constantly being updated.
  • Create backup copies of messages and send them to your other devices.

The main features of the modified version of FMWhatsApp have been listed. And the rest can be said to be standard.
For you to understand, almost all of their functions are the same, and the only difference is in the size of the transferred files or messages, the number of themes or emoticons, the ability to have two accounts. They are all similar to each other, only each of them has its own additions and minor differences.

If it's even simpler, what can you add to the bike? Third or fourth wheel? Two pairs of pedals or an extra steering wheel? Whatever you add to it, it will remain a bicycle and perform its intended functions. So it is with mods on WhatsApp.

Are they better than the official WhatsApp app? Definitely better. And in connection with the latest updates in the rules for WhatsApp users, Facebook published the news that now they can read your messages or send them special. services.

This news was the impetus for millions of users to change their messenger to another, for example, Telegram or Signal, but WhatsApp fans just started using mods.

Which WhatsApp mod is best?

I cannot give a clear answer, but I will say one thing, the advantage over the original version is significant. Each version of these applications has become popular in individual countries. There are several more types of WhatsApp mods, but they are only gaining in popularity, and time will tell whether they can recruit their user base.

WhatsApp Plus - Russia, China.
GBWhatsApp - Brazil, USA, Canada.
FMWhatsApp - Turkey, Argentina, Pakistan.

Which version will you choose? It's up to you to decide. You can try each of them and leave the best in your opinion. Everything is relative.

Is it safe to use modified versions of WhatsApp?

There are many comments on the Internet that you do not need to use these applications due to the fact that they can steal your data. But I haven’t found one fact. Millions of people use it and continue to use it and sow the day.

Although, imagine that WhatsApp itself said that it can transfer your data and messages to third parties, which equates it with security mods. Paradox.

Using mods is good, but there is one feature that WhatsApp has to offer. This is the ability to use the messenger on a PC.
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