WhatsApp Mass Escape: Cause and Effect

Since the beginning of January, the most popular messenger WhatsApp has lost over 30 million users. This is due to the new privacy policy of the application. We'll take a closer look at what has changed in the work of WhatsApp, and where people are moving en masse for safe communication now.
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What are the changes in the WhatsApp privacy policy

The app is now legally entitled to share the collected personal data of users with Facebook and Instagram. It does not matter whether current profiles and accounts have been created on these social networks or not.

The messenger's monetization policy has remained the same. The only postscript to it is the new phrase "WhatsApp receives information from other Facebook projects and shares it with them." The condition came into effect on February 8 this year.
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Facebook now has contact and transaction data

Many users are worried that with the new terms of the privacy policy, the privacy of correspondence is now violated. But this is not the case. The secret still remains intact due to the encrypted chats. WhatsApp cannot access messages and calls. But the contact list, location, transactions and unique device IDs of each user are now transparent to Facebook.
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Why did Facebook require personal data

The owners of the social network claim that they need personal data of users to improve the quality of their offers. Broadly speaking, Facebook's revenue, which totaled more than $ 21 billion by the end of 2020 in the last quarter, is largely spent on advertising. There are no ads on WhatsApp, but Facebook wants to use them to set up targeted ads of the highest quality.
Facebook 2021This can only be done by collecting data on user habits. In addition, the business will be given the right to accept payments for goods and services in which users have shown interest when viewing ads on Instagram.

How Facebook Helps Competitors Update Policy

On behalf of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Ministry of Defense announced that it would cut off WhatsApp for users of their country. Thanks to the campaigning policy of billionaire Elon Musk, over 42 million Twitter subscribers have switched to the messenger rival Signal. The application authorization service went to the bottom, as the influx of new users overwhelmed its servers.

Why Facebook updates haven't touched Europe

The policy drawn up for Europe is somewhat different in content from the text prepared for other countries. The US documents contain details that WhatsApp requires users to additionally connect their accounts to Facebook Pay. Allegedly, such a step will allow you to freely pay for goods, as well as communicate with friends in a quality manner through new projects.

There are no such conditions in European countries. This is due to strict conditions for the protection of personal data. According to EU law, those companies that receive up to 4% of the profits from global annual income have the right to fine.
Facebook PayIn 2017, fines were already imposed on Facebook by EU antitrust authorities. This happened during the period of active absorption of WhatsApp users, when the controlled authorities and services were misinformed about this process. Facebook kept silent about the technical possibility of merging with other messengers, for which it received a substantial fine.

The state FTC and government have filed a lawsuit against Facebook. The document contains numerous accusations of the company in violation of antitrust laws. The plaintiffs are demanding the sale of Instagram and WhatsApp in order to disconnect them from the company. The US also requires that a mandatory approval option be introduced when buying large market players. This will help create a competitive environment for all developers.

Where users go en masse from WhatsApp

The active actions of the owners of WhatsApp to disclose personal data prompted users to a sharp transition to other instant messengers. The first place in the list was taken by Signal and Telegram. Since the beginning of January, the flow of users there has increased by more than 30 million people. In second place are the mod versions of WhatsApp, where users also preferred to transfer their data in order not to participate in the updated policy of the old messenger.
Signal and TelegramAnalyst firm App Annie has compiled statistics that show that WhatsApp was previously ranked 8th in the UK's most downloaded apps. By the beginning of the year, it had shifted by as many as three positions. And this is not the limit. At that time, Signal moved from the lowest place to the bar, which allowed it to be considered the most downloaded app in the country at the beginning of the quarter of this year.
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