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Signal is a messenger that allows users to exchange encrypted messages for free. In fact, this is nothing more than an alternative to popular applications such as Telegram, Skype, Viber or WhatsApp for Android.

Unlike WhatsApp, Signal was developed and is funded by donations and does not intend to collect personal data from its users to serve ads. In his Twitter account, Elon Musk named the Signal messenger as the safest app in 2021, which caused a crazy demand for its installation.

Signal Messenger apk for android
The Signal application began to be developed back in 2013, and its daily users were journalists, activists and human rights defenders. Thanks to their unique encryption, all these organizations were confident in their confidentiality and privacy of messages. But today, this messenger has gone beyond the use of organizations and has become popular for ordinary users.

What is the advantage of the Signal app?

Download Signal Apk for android
In fact, it provides all the same services as any other messenger:

  1. Free exchange of text and media messages.
  2. Possibility of single video communication, and group (up to eight users).
  3. Creation of group chats, up to 1000 people.
  4. Send voice messages, pictures, photos, emojis and stickers.
  5. Instant receipt of messages, even with a weak Internet signal.
  6. Choice of two options for themes: Dark and Light.
  7. Choice of sound notification.
  8.  Own, built-in photo editor (crop, erase, turn over pictures or add an inscription on it).

As you can see, there is practically nothing special about Signal, with the exception of some chips. Its only advantages are encryption, privacy, and a powerful security system. Compared to WhatsApp, various types of loopholes are constantly found in it, which cybercriminals can use to obtain your personal data.

Privacy and Security at Signal.

Since this is not the only messenger in the world, we can only compare its work and capabilities with other messengers.
Signal download to smartphone
The strong point in protecting the code-informality of messages in Signal is:

  1. Messages, photos, voice communications, video calls, chats - all this is securely encrypted and does not go through servers. This means that, without servers, they cannot be hacked.
  2. E2EE encryption is carried out on the principle of transmission from one device to another.
  3.  Even the developers of the Signal application cannot access your correspondence or communication, for transferring them to third parties.

Messenger Telegram also has the E2EE protocol, but this function is available only on request and as an additional function. The WhatsApp application strictly passes all your messages through private servers and does not provide an E2EE function.

Another Signal feature is the deletion of photos or video files a few seconds after viewing them. There is also a setting for blurring faces on sent photos.

Which is better than Signal or Telegram?

Signal Telegram WhatsApp
The fact that Telegram is better and more reliable than WhatsApp is said not only by Elon Musk or Edward Snowden, but also by other famous people who understand this. Pavel Durov does not count, the fact that Telegram is the best for him, and so it is clear ... Therefore, we will not compare Signal with WhatsApp.

Signal Strengths:

  1. More powerful protection and encryption.
  2. E2EE encryption is a mandatory feature in Signal, not only in personal correspondence, but also in group chats.
  3.  Information received between users is not stored on servers, which enhances security.

Weaknesses Signal:

  1. The size of the transferred files in Signal is up to 100 megabytes, and in Telegram up to 2 gigabytes.
  2. Group chat is limited to 1000 users, but in Telegram, their number can be no more than 200,000 users.
  3. There is no cloud storage, which means that you will not be able to restore the correspondence.
  4. There is no way to create and use bots.
  5.  There is no way to edit the sent message.

But you need to remember one thing that Telegram has already been hacked, which means that it can be hacked again. Storing information on servers is at least unsafe.

How to download and register in the Signal messenger?

You can download the Signal application both from the official website and from ours. As in other popular messengers, account registration takes place through your phone number. If you have ever used one of these programs, then for you, it will be easier than ever.

  1. You need to download the Signal installation file to your smartphone (Previously, in the settings, check the box “Allow installation from Unknown source”)
  2. Select the downloaded file and start installing it.
  3.  After the installation is complete, a shortcut (logo) of the Signal application will appear on your desktop. Click on it, and in the window that opens, enter your phone number.
  4.  Confirm and Use.

If you do not want to show your interlocutor your phone number, then it is possible to register an account using a temporary phone number. But this is a rather complicated process that will take a long time.


After changing the user agreement in WhatsApp, hundreds of thousands of users began to abandon it and choose another messenger. In Signal alone, the addition of new users was more than four and a half thousand percent per month.

Nobody expected such a gift from WhatsApp, and I think that Signal will now only develop for the better. And this is provided that Facebook will not buy it soon.

After all, there was a similar story with WhatsApp before. When WhatsApp began to gain its popularity and be wildly popular with people, as well as a threat to the competition of Facebook Messenger, it was quickly bought.

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