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At the end of 2020, MX Media & Entertainment, known for its development MX Player, announced another brainchild of MX TakaTak.

Description of MX TakaTak.

MX TakaTak is an entertainment social network that is an alternative to the popular TikTok application and which is gaining popularity all over the world with a colossal scale. Users of the application can view thousands of videos of various topics and directions. And also to shoot and share with other users, your videos.

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The social network MX TakaTak entered the list of the most downloaded applications in 2021 and is ranked eighth, with an average of 38 million monthly installs.

The application is available for all countries and has no restrictions or prohibitions, like the same TikTok. If you are a creative person, then promoting your account on MX TakaTak is much easier today than on other social networks.

Using MX TakaTak, you can not only watch tons of interesting video content, but also become a member of it. You just need to create your own account, come up with and shoot a captivating or exciting video for the public and put it up for general viewing.

MX TakaTak download to tablet
The application has many built-in filters and special effects for video processing, which can make them more attractive. There is also a built-in video editor for you, which is almost of the same quality as a professional video editor.

Main features and characteristics of MX TakaTak:

  1. View over a hundred thousand videos.
  2. Ability to comment and like.
  3. Download the clips you like to your device.
  4. It is possible to share the video on WhatsApp or other social media. networks.
  5. The presence of various filters and effects.
  6. Built-in video editor.
  7. Own library of music and sounds for videos.
  8. There are no restrictions on the choice of theme for the video.
  9. Easily search trending videos.
  10. Recent videos viewer feed. Which is very convenient.
  11. The presence of embedded ads. This means that you can immediately earn on views of your videos.
  12. More than ten thousand statuses. The choice is really wide.
  13. The app supports over ten languages.

These are not all the features of the MX TakaTak application, but only a few of them. To understand its full potential, you need to try it yourself.

Today, most of the videos are occupied by Indian bloggers, but videos from other countries are already appearing. So very soon, MX TakaTak will become a global social network. Remember TikTok, because it developed first in China and then became a global giant.

Which is better MX TakaTak or TikTok?

If you compare these two apps from the blogging side, then MX TakaTak is more suitable for your promotion. After all, it is only developing and does not have the same competitiveness that TikTok has. This means that by filming and uploading your videos, you can collect your subscribers much faster and start making money on it.

MX TakaTak or TikTok
If we take it as a basis for simple use, for example, for viewing various video content, then in MX TakaTak the video is several times smaller. But it’s only a matter of time.

How to download and use MX TakaTak?

Like any android application, MX TakaTak is no different from them during the installation process. You need to download MX TakaTak Apk to your phone and install it.

After, as in other social networks, you need to go through a simple registration. Registration methods:

  1. Using a Google account.
  2. By mobile phone number.
  3. Register via email.

Registering with MX TakaTak gives you the ability to use the camera on your phone as well as add videos. If you just watch videos, then registration is not required. But soon, pop-up notifications with a request to register will still get you. Therefore, it is advisable to register an account right away.

Trends or topics featured on MX TakaTak:

  1. Dancing.
  2. Beauty.
  3. Singing.
  4. Technologies.
  5. Lip sync.
  6. Jokes.
  7. Tricks.
  8. Cooking.
  9. Humor.
  10. Fashion style.
  11. Bollywood.

From the above categories, you can easily find the one you like.

How to use MX TakaTak?

The MX TakaTak application interface is extremely simple and easy to understand. If you've used TikTok before, the functionality of MX TakaTak is almost the same.

  1. To scroll through the video, just swipe up on the screen.MX TakaTak app
  2. To get into your personal profile, click in the lower right corner of the "Little Man".MX TakaTak android
  3. Download or shoot a video, at the bottom, in the middle, click "Plus".MX TakaTak apk app
  4. By clicking "House", you will go to the general feed.MX TakaTak download
  5. In the top panel, there are two labels, clicking on which, you will see viral videos or gaining popularity.MX TakaTak apk
As you can see, everything is extremely simple.

You can download the MX TakaTak application from our website or through the official Google Play Market catalog.

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