Minicraft 2020

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Minecraft 2020 is an arcade game in the sandbox genre for Android.

We present a free analogue of Minecraft worthy of attention Minicraft 2020. All fans of games of the “sandbox " genre will like it.Minecraft 2020 on your tabletThe game has two modes, creative and survival. What are the differences? In survival mode, there are monsters in the form of spiders, zombies, creepers, skeletons and other evil creatures. And in the creative, all this evil is not present. We walk around the world, explore it, build houses, develop mines and extract everything that is under our feet.

Since the game Minecraft 2020 for Android is absolutely free, ads appear during the game. There is no need to be angry as the developers are trying for us, and they need a balance to support and develop the game further. Well, if all the same advertising got you, then I advise you to buy the original game Minecraft and it's in the hat. Or disable Wi-Fi and play offline. There is another method of dealing with annoying ads, this is installing the Block app. You can download it freely on the Internet.Minicraft 2020 on your phoneThe game is missing some items, such as colored glass or garlic, some types of animals and other small things. The locals do not talk, and there is no trade with them, and in General there is little village. But I think that the developers will correct all these errors in the near future. 

As a result... Minecraft 2020 fulfills its purpose and copes with the functions of a free and fun game.

You can download this game both on our website and through the official Play Market app for Android.
Additional Information
Required Android version 4.4+
Latest Update 07.03.2020
Size (Google Play) 22.29 Mb
Age limit 7+
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