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The Snapchat app is a kind of social network that has a number of original features. It is often compared to Instagram, but in my opinion, these are two different projects.

Description of the Snapchat application for android.

Snapchat idea is more of a messenger rather than a full-fledged social network. Only the developers of the application decided to make communication more fun and varied.

The application is more intended for use among the young population, and the bet was made on funny stickers and masks online. And she didn't lose. Young people loved these features and today the Snapchat app has over 500 million active users.

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Functions and capabilities of Snapchat.

Snapchat doesn’t have many features, but some of them are unique and are not used anywhere else. This is what users like.
Snap is the name of the message you send to another chat user. At the same time, when the user receives your letter, photo or video, then a few seconds after viewing it, it self-destructs. This is done for the safety of personal information leakage. All your messages are not stored in the cloud, which also helps to eliminate data leakage.

Of course this is just a formality or more a special effect with the destruction of the message. Nothing bothers you, when viewing a letter or picture, take a screenshot of the screen. Thus, the message seems to have been destroyed, and the information remained in the form of a screenshot.

The Snapchat Android app was created to have fun, cheer up, and make the most of your positivity. This is not a standard messenger like WhatsApp or Telegram, it is something more.

Snapchat has a variety of different masks, cliparts, and filters that you can use while filming or taking online photos. For example, you can mask with a dog's ears, whiskers and tongue. And then, send the resulting photo to your friends to cheer you up and evaluate it in the form of a like.

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Don't want to submit your photo or find it boring? Then get together with friends in a video chat and chat with them online, but already wearing masks on their faces. Once you have a funny moment, take a photo of them and share it with others. There is no limit of imagination here, which gives a zest to this messenger.

Unfortunately, many people who use the Snapchat app on their smartphones for a certain amount of time complain that new masks have not been added for a long time, and the old ones are already starting to get bored.

In addition to chats, the application has a Discovery section, which contains interesting videos and funny photos of various topics. For convenience, they are all categorized from celebrity to culinary. This means that finding a topic that will be interesting to you will not be difficult.

The only disadvantage of using this application is the presence of a stable and fast Internet. For video chat, you need a good signal, but for text messaging, the quality of the Internet is not important (even with a low signal, messages reach quickly).

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How to download Snapchat for PC?

You can download Snapchat only on Android and iOS devices. No other is given. Many people want to use Snapchat for PC, but the developers confidently stated that this messenger was developed only for mobile devices and there can be no question of a computer version.

The only way to get Snapchat on PC is by using an android emulator. But this method is extremely inconvenient. Firstly, emulators load PC system resources and are not suitable for weak computers. Secondly, emulators do not work stably (applications installed in them often crash).

If you need a messenger for your PC for communication, then it is best to use Viber or WhatsApp Web.

Where to download Snapchat?

There are several options and they are all available:

  1. You can download Snapchat installer for android at the end of this article.
  2. Download through the Play Market website, the link is also located under the text.
  3. Install the official Google Play Market app and download Snapchat through it.
  4. Use third-party resources on the Internet.

After downloading and installing Snapchat on your smartphone, you need to go through a basic registration. You need to enter your phone number and confirm the activation using the code from the received SMS message. Next, fill out information about yourself and that's it.

The pros and cons of the Snapchat app.


  • Convenient and intuitive interface. Even a beginner can figure it out.
  • Developers have created services in almost every country to help define the right language for users.
  • Large selection of stickers, filters and masks. That will help to brighten up your photos and laugh heartily.
  • Security and elimination of leakage of personal information.
  • The presence of a section with different topics. That will add variety to the use of the application.
  • Types of information exchange. Video chats, photos and pictures, text messages.

Cons or disadvantages:

  • Limited video recording time.
  • Removing old masks and slowly adding new ones.

An interesting and unique Snapchat app that will help you endlessly and have fun with your friends. Smile more, because laughter prolongs Life. All the best to you ...


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