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Game LokiCraft - free and interesting arcade game on Android for all fans of the genre "Sandbox".

After the game Minecraft appeared on the network and became popular with millions of gamers, of course, there were imitators who began to copy the game in their own way and promote it.LokiCraft on a tabletThe game LokiCraft on Android did not pass by, and it was noticed.  All the same wonderful world and the idea of the game in the style of the genre “Sandbox".  Everything that is around you, you can break down getting blocks that will later be useful for construction. We create tools on the workbench, craft torches, protection, boards and other types of paraphernalia.

You start the game in an unfamiliar world. In a day, you need to build yourself a shelter. After all, with the onset of darkness, there will be spiders, skeletons, creepers and other evil spirits that will want to kill you.Download LokiCraft to your phoneOn the second day, you need to engage in mining, developing a mine. And then everything is on the knurled. We build a variety of buildings, catch animals and get food from them to restore vitality. We create our own virtual world that has no borders. Crosses the sea to discover new lands and expand the map.

The game is full of surprises and surprises that you need to overcome yourself.

Beautiful and realistic graphics, easy operation, unlimited possibilities and imagination. The game does not require an Internet connection, and you can play offline. Or play together with your friends online, combining their worlds.

You can also download the game LokiCraft on Google Play for Android.
Additional Information
Required Android version 4.1+
Latest Update 12.10.2020
Size (Google Play) 58.05 Mb
Age limit 12+
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