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Have you ever had such moments when you heard a song, you liked it, and you wanted it in your playlist collection? I am sure that "Yes".

But you don't even know the artist and, accordingly, the name of this song. Hearing it, it is constantly spinning in your head and does not come out of it, playing over and over again. Sound familiar?

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Description and features of the Shazam app.

If you are familiar with the situation described above, then you need to have the Shazam application on your phone. This miracle program recognizes any song and gives you complete information about it. Title, artist and even release date of the track.

All you need to do is when a song is playing nearby, turn on the application and click on the search button. The closer you bring your phone to the sound source, the faster Shazam will recognize it and find the song you want. Everything is extremely simple.

In a short time, she will find this song and offer you to download it by providing a link (of the Amazon store) or the ability to watch a video clip on YouTube.

Also, the Shazam application will allow you not only to find the music you are interested in, but also to keep you in trend of the most popular and demanded tracks of all genres. Which is just a godsend for music lovers.

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Shazam - how to recognize music.

With the arrival of the Shazam app on Android and its enormous popularity, even some search engines began to copy this song search function. For example, in the mobile version of Google browser, when you click on the voice search, at the very bottom you will find the inscription "Recognize the song".

As with Shazam apk, you just need to enable voice search in Google and click "Recognize song". Bring your smartphone to the source of the song's sound and in a matter of seconds, the work will be found and presented both for listening and for downloading.

Unlike a simple search engine, the Shazam app will present you with a list of the most searched songs of the week, as well as the top of the most popular and gaining popularity songs.

Pros and cons of the Shazam app for android.

With the rise in popularity, the Shazam app has been constantly evolving and adding new features. The developers were not afraid to experiment, adding something and removing another. And it really deserves respect.
  • Instant search for any famous piece of music.
  • Automatic video search on YouTube.
  • The presence of subtitles for the song. A kind of karaoke.
  • Ability to listen to songs via Spotify radio.
  • Detailed information about the song (Who sings, release date, etc.).
  • Saving search history. Everything you searched for earlier is saved in the search list.
  • The ability to share the found song with your friends via social networks or send an email message.
  • Shazam is designed for all operating systems.
  • Simple and intuitive to use interface that any user can easily understand.
  • An incredibly large base of music.
  • Supports many languages.
  • Provides a list of the most popular tracks around the world, which allows you to always listen to the best songs.
  • There is no way to download a song (This is just a bold minus of this application).
  • The song can only be bought.
  • Permanent internet connection.
  • Not all songs are recognized.
Although Shazam was developed for mobile devices, the app has an official website where you can download Shazam for all platforms, as well as view the latest updates and product news.

How do I download and install Shazam?

Many people search for Shazam online, but it does not work through the browser. You definitely need to install either Shazam apk or Shazam software for PC. It all depends on your device and what you want to install the program on. Download Shazam for android:

  1. Allow downloads from unknown sources. (Sometimes required)
  2. Download the Shazam setup file to your device.
  3. Find Shazam apk in downloads and install it.
  4. After the files have been unzipped, an application shortcut will appear on your screen.
  5. Click on the Shazam shortcut, go into the application and use it.
We try to keep track of the latest version of Shazam and keep the installation file up to date.

Download Shazam for android, you can either on our website or through the official Play Store application.


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Latest Update 06.09.2021
Size (Google Play) 24 Mb
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