The presence of Google translator for Android is a very useful and necessary program. It is needed both for training and for traveling to other countries. The app supports about 80 different languages around the world. 

Imagine that you went on a trip to your favorite Turkey or Europe and you need to ask something from a local resident, but we do not know foreign languages. We take out the phone, turn on the translator and speak in Russian, and we voice the translation to the foreigner, for example in English. Convenient. Almost all travelers do this.Google Translate to your phoneThe following example. You have a picture or text in a foreign language. Turn on Google translate and show it the text. It recognizes it and translates it. You don't need to print it, just show it.

Well, about the translation of information on foreign sites, you can not give an example. This is clear enough.

The only negative is that the translation of the text is clumsy when translating from English to Russian, but readable and extremely understandable. You don't need an Internet connection to translate, and the program works offline.

The application is not for everyday use of course, but definitely necessary. 

You can also download the Google Translate app from the official Google Play Store.

Google Translate

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