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Club of romance-a simulator game for Android of the romantic genre.

Eh...romance, romance. The dream of most of the fair sex. Every girl wants a romantic relationship, love, family and a little fairy tale.Club of Romance on the tabletThe game club of romance, gives this opportunity.  Immerse yourself in exciting romantic activities or relationships full of intrigue and mystery. 

You can take part in seven different romantic stories: be a pirate or a vampire, go from an unknown simpleton to a world-class star, practice magic and make a choice on which side you will be, good or evil. Everything will depend only on your choice.

All stories are not similar to each other and have different plots and scenarios, different characters and turns of events, as well as saving people and their destinies. 

Example of the plot of one of the seven stories:

You will have to run away from home and join the pirates, go on the warpath, fight and Rob. And in the course of all these events, love relationships will be built.Romance club AndroidA colorful and exciting game that will appeal to all romantics and drama lovers. We read the script, select the proposed options and turn the events in different directions. 

And remember that the choice of the development of events depends only on you, whether the characters will be happy and reach the peak of love, or will remain just friends.

You can download Romance Club for Android both on our website and in the official Play Market app.
Additional Information
Required Android version 4.1+
Latest Update 26.09.2020
Size (Google Play) 23.69 Mb
Age limit 16+
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